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Where Have I Been ?

Updated: Sep 15, 2019

Hey y'all ! I've been a little MIA this past week, but for a good reason ! I needed to really reevaluate things and remember why I started blogging in the first place. I recently hit a point where I've just been putting others before myself and I want to reclaim my time ! I am sharing this with you all because it is so important to take time to yourself ! It is such a blessing to be able to do things for other people, but how can you give your all to others if you are not taking care of yourself ?

I am a human beingI and I have been pondering that question for weeks now and so I finally took some time to myself. I have a journal now that I am going to take time out to write down my ideas and talk about my days, goals, and dreams because it is a start. I've found some time to really reflect on what I was doing and how I can better myself and my situation. My mentor told me a long time ago to write down any dreams or goals I might have because one day they will become a reality ! Before I started my blog that is all I would do. I would literally have a journal and write down all my ideas and content for how I wanted everything to pan out. So, once I got started that whole thing slowed down for me because I got so busy with life. I was still very consistent with posting every week, but it was still very hard for me to find a balance and I burned out.

I burned out because I was not taking anytime for myself and it got to a point where I needed to come to terms and leave everything alone for awhile so I can redefine my passions again ! That is what it is all about. This platform that I am building is for me to share with people my passions along with shedding light on what inspires me, hoping that I can inspire you too :) So, while I took some time away I was writing in my journal and I wrote some encouraging statements that usually help get me out of a rut! It is one thing to say it, but actually writing it down means that you are really serious about it. Plus, it gives you something to look at when you feel yourself giving up. Overall, It helped me out because it put things into perspective again.

So to my lovely readers, please never forget to take time out to yourself doing what you love. Whatever that may be for you ! In order to live a great life one must have balance. I will soon do a full post on self-care in general and why it is sooo important. I'll even share with you some of my tips ;) But in the meanwhile, take care of yourselves my loves ! I've got a whole lot in store for you guys, I promise :)

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