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3 Ways To Use Your Personality To Overcome Tough Days

Isn’t it so true that we love the days in life that bring us sweet joy? The days that feel like the top of the roller coaster. But as we know through trial and error and the element of change, the lows of life can seem hard to grasp and get a hold of. But on those days, remember how many times you have been UP before you have felt DOWN. Stop right now, ask yourself, how did I get through it in days past? Don’t underestimate your skill set and your unique personality traits. I’m here to give you that reminder to dig deep into your soul. Here are 3 steps you can take to help you do so:

Personality Practice: Write out What Makes You, YOU

Have you ever been stuck in traffic and thought to yourself, “ why is this happening to me right now ?” Or do you have a friend who complains about everything from their small inconveniences like not having enough creamer in their coffee that morning ? Remember, there are superpowers in you that can help dig you out of this rut. Maybe you’re an introvert. Being an introvert is not a bad personality trait ( I’m an extrovert so I am not being biased when I say this). It simply means that you need time to yourself so that you can be able to conquer the day and deal with certain people. That is totally okay. We all have our days, but it is important to remember how valuable our unique personalities are and how much weight they can hold. So take a few minutes today to write out your feelings and turn your chaos into clarity.

Own The Crazy Of Your Personality

Have you ever had a day that brought on the ugly cry? What about parts of your personality that you don’t want others to see? That moment where you know you’ve had enough ! I have a friend, “Jessica”, who is a perfectionist, and wants everything done up to a standard. One time she pushed back an evening of having drinks together because she didn’t have the “perfect” outfit to wear. Let me tell you, her frustration can be out of this world! Sure there are going to be parts of your personality that you don’t want people to see. Maybe, there are parts of your personality that you aren’t very fond of. What is captivating about Jessica is that she owns it! She remembers that she has what it takes to come out on top. When you acknowledge it that is all a part of personal growth. Learning to coexist with all the parts of your unique personality can only work in your benefit. Remember to take all the parts of your personality that make you unique and use it to your advantage.

Acknowledge your uniqueness, you are in charge of your destiny.

Now is the time not only to own your unique qualities, but for you to understand it and be proud of it. Look yourself in the mirror and say “ I am a queen, and greatness is inside of me !” Suppose you just found out some shocking news that could potentially ruin your whole day, Are you going to let it ? No, you are going to take a moment, breathe, and analyze the situation. You know yourself better than anybody else does and my advice to you is to take the high road. Look at it like this, your personality is bigger than the circumstance so make it work in your favor. For instance, maybe you have a bit of neuroticism going on as a personality trait. Now, being neurotic isn’t the most appealing trait, but just like any other personality trait it has a positive component. Take my friend “ Jill “ for example ! She never misses any deadlines so I can depend on her to be a reliable friend. When you possess this trait you are more conscientious of your feelings and things will not slip by you. Jill has a neurotic component to her personality, but she makes it work for her benefit. Similarly to Jill, you could make an unpleasant trait work in your favor to conquer any bad moment that can occur in your life.

The takeaway from this is that our unique personalities can help us through our darkest of times. Next time, you are having feelings of despair, look inside of you and remind yourself that you are worthy. We are in control and can remedy any situation we come across. As long as we acknowledge every part that makes us who we are, there is nothing that we can’t overcome.

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