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10 Free Places to Take Amazing Pictures in NYC

Hey Y'all welcome to another blog post ! If you've been following me for a while you'll know that I live in NYC. I'm honestly so in love with everything NYC has to offer and that includes all the beautiful places that you can take pictures at. They say a picture is worth a thousand words and there are so many unique spots that help make this statement come to life. Here is my 10. FYI, I'm not rating these from greatest to least because all these spots hold a special place in my heart.

Coney Island. I've had tons of photoshoots in Coney Island. I didn't get to go this summer, but there are so many cool shots you can get out there around the carnival area. You can take pictures and then eat at the famous Nathan's.

Photo taken by: @ace_prodigy_ also known as my bae ! Follow him and his personal training page @ace_fitnessss_

The High Line. I love the high line. It gives me uptown NYC vibes. There is so much to see and you can go by the waterfront to take pictures as well. It's not opened to the public like before to avoid big crowds, but you can book tickets. So if you're in the city looking for something to do, GO FOR IT !

The Streets of SoHo. Walking around Soho I always find the most unique street art and the most unique set of people. In my opinion, Soho is THAT girl. I've never seen anyone not dressed to impress over there. Soho is a vibe and good for any photoshoot.

Photo By: ace_prodigy_

Dumbo Waterfront. The waterfront is beautiful. Honestly the whole of Dumbo is pretty lit.

Photo by my darling girl follow her to see the rest of her amazing work

Washington Square Park. It has this beautiful arch within the park where you can take pictures at, but everywhere is nice. There is a lot of entertainment around here too.You can also grab a bite to eat at a restaurant nearby and have a picnic.

Photo by the homie @photoliteracy, He is super dope check him out !

Brooklyn Bridge. I am so in love with Brooklyn and this bridge is definitely one of those tourists attractions that you have to see if you ever visit. I've lived in NYC for quite some time and I still love being in a tourist in this city.

Photo By : @photoliteracy

Time Square.This is another cliche, but I've seen some super bomb content come out of time square. There is literally lighting everywhere and lighting is everything for an AMAZING photo.

For the life of me I couldn't find my other photos taken in Times Square so this will have to do :) Not the best photo

LIC Piers/ Gantry Park. This is truly a gem in Queens. The waterfront is beautiful and the famous Pepsi Cola sign is nearby as well. You can take the NYC Ferry near by if you want to go for a ride, however that is not free. Oh and there are food trucks nearby too. I got a quesadilla from a food truck the other day and I'm so mad I didn't get the name, but mane was it so good.

S/O to Horacio he is so talented follow him on the gram and tell him I sent you @hypedh

The Metropolitan Museum of Art. The Met is HUGE, but museums are always a good photo op.The only thing I will say is Flash photography is not allowed because it interferes with the art (Don't ask me how lol that is what they said, I'm just giving y'all a heads up if you never been).

My girl Regan took a series of photos of me at the MET ! Please follow her for me @re_dolence

Pietro Nolita. I'm gonna be honest, I've never eaten here, I've only taken photos here LOL. It's a restaurant with a really pretty pink aesthetic in its front. I've seen so many iconic photos taken in the front on the gram.

My Fellow Lucian Girl took this of me S/O to Kiane follow her on Instagram

Okay y'all, that is all for now. I'll add 10 more places to this list in the future but for now I am sharing my favorites. If you've never taken pictures at these spots I highly recommend you do so. You can thank me later :)

Until Next Time,

Twiggy Versatile xoxox

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