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Twiggy Versatile

New York



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My Story + My WHY

Almost every day someone will tell me these four words - ‘your smile is infectious!’. It makes me grin even larger, from ear to ear. But the truth is, I wasn’t always happy with a bubbly step in my New York City minute. 

When I was in grade school I lived in Baker, Louisiana, a young southern belle. It was me and my mom in a town that felt like a big bear hug, you knew everyone by first name. It was me and mom against the world.  But tragedy struck me as a young woman, only 15 years old.  My mom suddenly passed away, and with the blink of an eye I was back in Flushing, NY to live with my dad. 

One particularly tough day, I thought about my mom for what seemed like each passing minute. I wondered how she was so confident, able to live her life never ashamed of who she was. I believe deep in my heart that she would want the same for me.  Then and there, I decided to accept the energy of the big city around me.  I would conquer my first subway. 

ride alone. I spent time gawking at the bright lights in Times Square, and fawned over the city performers.  It was clear to me that most people had embraced their hustle, and it was time for me to do the same.


I made a choice to live my journey with confidence, rather than with fear.  As I express myself and my passions - I am reminded that when I trust the uniqueness of my personality, I am able to pull through my darkest moments, and also boldly celebrate my wins! I want the same for you friend! Norms hold no grounds here, I’m Twiggy Versatile!

Fun facts about me:

Life is my runway and I am walking it! You can find me working in retail and sharing my looks, I love bold colors.

I have a Bachelor's degree in Psychology with a minor in Communication Arts from St. Francis College in Brooklyn, NY.

I am not perfect, and I'm cool with that ! Every imperfection that I have makes me who I am. I am learning everyday to fall in love with my flaws, my vulnerability, and my sometimes extra personality :). 

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