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What are Presets ? Why you Should Try Them ?

Hey my babies, welcome to another blog post ! Today, I would like to share with you all a fun way to up your feed game on Instagram or simply add a little something extra to your photos to make it look professional. I've recently gotten the opportunity to try out some presets and I am very pleased. If you don't know what a preset is then please continue reading :)

What is a Preset ?

Preset is a photo edit setting that is saved in Adobe Lightroom (photo editing tool)

For example, in other apps like Facetune you call the edit a filter, but in Lightroom it is called a preset. They can be applied to any photo and it is presaved. The good thing about presets is that you can manipulate it more than you can on regular editing apps. Once you manipulate it you can save it as another preset if you like. Lightroom gives you a variety of tools to edit the light, color, detail, optics, effect, and geometry of a photo as well.

I was gifted some presets from 123 Presets that I was able to copy and save on Lightroom and it definitely makes editing ten times easier.

What is 123 Presets ?

123 presets offers an array of different presets on their site that you can buy at a decent price and try out for yourself. You can decide if you want to get Lightroom presets for your mobile phone or your desktop. Whatever you use Lightroom on is best. If you don't have Lightroom, you can download it at no cost ! I currently have the Rainbow, Traveler, Bright and Airy, Tenerife, and Must Have Lightroom Presets. They are all beautiful and enhance the photo in different ways.

Here are some samples of me using the different presets that I got on my vacation photos (Pre- Corona of course LOL)

These are what the original photos look like with absolutely no filter :)

This is what the pictures look like after I used the presets ! I edited them to my liking :D.

Must Have Lightroom Preset

Rainbow Preset

Bright and airy preset

Traveler Preset

Tenerife Preset

*When you get the preset of your choice they have different versions that you can play with as well*

Do you need Presets ?

In my honest opinion, they are worth the investment if you want to boost the aesthetic of your photos. They are super beneficial if you shoot with a professional camera a lot as well.

When you purchase presets it can help you edit your photos in Lightroom. You can look at what each preset does to a particular photo and figure out what you like or don't like.

I'm always tweaking the preset because I like making the photo into my own. I highly recommend checking out to decide which ones you like and start from there. You can also use code SAVE30 for an extra 30 % off already discounted presets on their website :)

Here are my suggestions for preset use !

If you want your feed to look nice and put together please DO NOT have different skin colors when using these presets LOL. Sometimes, you see other bloggers and influencers that get carried away with this, but please don't let it be you. If you do this, then your whole feed will look off because your skin color is 50 shades of different tones. Be consistent so your feed can be cohesive.

Don't be like everyone else. It does not matter how many people use presets --- when you look like an orange with weird colors spiking in your photos you look like a copy. That's not cool so try your best to edit the preset and make it your own :) !

That is all for now my loves ! Tune in next week and I will finally share all the apps that I use for editing my photos.

Until next my loves,

Twiggy Versatile xoxox

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