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Twiggy Eats: The Bergen

Hi There ! Welcome to another post and thank you so much for reading. This post is actually long overdue. I like to go out and rediscover a new restaurant in NYC and I find that you guys LOVE these. I went to the Bergen over the summer with my Boyfriend and we fell in love with this place. They are a takeout restaurant, but they do have outside seating for the convenience of the people.

The Ambiance

As mentioned, this is a takeout location but they do have outside seating for people to seat and enjoy their food outside. The workers were very accommodating and super sweet ! I really wish I remembered the name of the lady who took our order because she had a pleasant personality. We went on a Friday, so there was entertainment while we were there . The music was lit and the people were lit too. I LOVED that we got to have samples of their dessert cakes while we waited. My favorite was the blue velvet and I definitely bought one to take home with me. I will say the wait for the food was long, but they made up for it with their quality service. We even got to meet one of the owners and she checked up on us while we waited. It was nice seeing the owner very hands on and actually talking to everyone, in fact it was really refreshing and brought that family vibe that the restaurant gives off as a whole.

The Food

Okay now the food was so damn good ! It took a while to get to us, but the wait was so worth it. I had the Bergen Fish, Shrimp & Chips with The Bergen sauce on the side and it was so delicious. Everything was so crispy and good I kept saying out loud " Oh my gosh this is so good !" I take seafood very seriously because I grew up down south and they exceeded my expectations. The food was well seasoned and breaded. I don't know what they put in that sauce, but I couldn't get enough of it. I got the truffle fries just to try it with my fish and shrimp and that was tasty too. My boyfriend got The Bergen Burger and he loved his meal too ! My boyfriend and I also shared some wings together and we still can't get over them, we had the Southern Fried wings. If you happen to be in the Crown Heights area definitely stop. They have other amazing food options that you will absolutely LOVE ! If you're not in the area you should still make the trip and see what the hype is all about because it is REAL !

Support Black Business

The Bergen is a Black - Owned Business. They pride themselves in positive vibes and good service and it is evident in the way that they treat their customers. I loved every minute of being there. They are a gem in Brooklyn and I highly recommend that you check it out! Y'all it is so important that we support Black Businesses in general especially in our current Economic situation.

Price Point

I will say to bring enough cash so that you can hold yourself, this place is a little pricey, but it is worth it. In my opinion, quality over quantity :).


This place gets a 10/10 across the board. The service, the food, the people were all AMAZING ! My visit is actually long overdue and I can't wait to go back. Follow them on Instagram @thebergenbk so you can see for yourself. The food does not just look good, but it taste good too.

Here is the address: 1299 Bergen St, Brooklyn, New York

Okay y'all that is all for now. Thank you for tuning into another blog post :) I love you all and don't forget to support Black Businesses !

Until Next Time,

Twiggy Versatile xoxox

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