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" Twiggy Versatile" ... The Inspiration

Updated: Sep 15, 2019

Twiggy Versatile

People are always asking “ What is the meaning behind Twiggy Versatile “ and how did you come up with that ? ." So, I decided it’s time to finally lay it out on my blog :)

I wanted to hold off on saying the meaning behind it until my one year anniversary, but I kept getting questions about it so here it is 📷️ . I am about to be so transparent so get ready :)

Have you ever had someone in your life that just meant the entire world to you ... well that was my mama. Justine "Twiggy" Felix

Twiggy was my Mama’s nickname ! All her friends and close family called her that. She never got a chance to tell me the real meaning behind the nickname or how it originated. I always thought it was because she was tiny when she was young but I never asked lol . I sure wish I did though. Twiggy was even the name of her hair salon back in St. Lucia where she was originally from.

Now, long story short I lost my mama in 2013. It was an untimely death. She was there and then she wasn’t. When I lost her my life changed drastically. I had to uproot my entire life from little Baker, LA to the big apple A.K.A New York. Losing a parent is never an easy thing. To be 100% honest with you guys I never really mourned her passing properly either. So much was happening it was hard to. However, during that rough patch I grew in my faith and I turned out a better person for the sake of my mother. It’s been 6 years now and I still have my days, but I know she is watching over me. I think of her every single day and I aspire to be like her as I continue to go through this thing called life. She was a hustler, she always had a pep to her step and everyone that came across her loved her and her energetic Lucian accent. My mama was a warm being and she loved people. I knew I wanted to name my brand after her because she embodied a real woman. She was strong and most importantly she was a woman of God. Miss Twiggy had a special light and ora about her. She lit up the room the moment she walked in one. She is my forever angel. She stood for what she believed in and she didn’t care about what anybody had to say about her. I can go on and on about the type of person she was but you really had to have been in her presence to really understand how amazing she was ! My mama is such a touchy subject, I never just blatantly tell people about her . In fact, people can know me, but that is probably the one thing that they will never know about me. Well, if anyone reads this post then they will know LOL. I pretty much avoid talking about it altogether, but that is only because I never really healed from it. I am sharing this now because I am learning to be more transparent. I miss her ....

Anyways, the name was birthed right when I started my freshman year of college ! It took me forever to start because the name itself held so much value and I didn’t want to just put anything out there for that specific reason . I should’ve launched this blog a long time ago but I was afraid of rejection and I was depending on too many people to help me. Once I realized that my mama would be proud of whatever it is that I’m doing and forget about people and their opinions I started learning and doing things on my own 📷 I didn’t launch my blog until September 30, 2018 ! I did have a few people to help and encourage me along the way (they know who they are) and I am so grateful for them. I look now to the present and I’m seeing the progress . It is small progress, but it is still progress. I always say to myself “ wow just imagine if I would’ve started right when I came up with the name,” but it’s okay I did it on my own terms and I’m happy ! I must also, blame the delay of my start to the fact that I am a perfectionist ! I am not gonna lie that is my least favorite thing about myself, but I'm a work in progress. I still have so much learning and growing to do .

The Versatile In “ Twiggy Versatile ,” is simply because I don’t like limiting myself to one median of art or aspect. Also, my personal style is always evolving ! To add, I truly love learning and talking to people . It’s so nice to hear others perspectives because it opens up a whole new world of ideas and collaborations. My love for diversity in fashion and people is what drove the idea of doing the “ fashion highlight of the week segment on my blog ,”! People didn't know I did photography until I started my blog and it is just one of those things that I loved doing, but just didn't have the resources to do it. One day, I took a leap of faith downloaded Offer up. Offer up is an app you can sell and buy things off of.Literally the same day I downloaded it was the same day I purchased the camera. I was hella broke after that purchase, but I am so happy I did it. Taking photos of everyday people who have unique styles and asking them the same questions, but seeing the differences and even similarities in their answers is so inspiring. This is something I will not stop doing. I want to continue growing it and making more content out of it :)

I am still working so hard to build my personal brand as a blogger ! The road is not easy, but I am looking forward to the journey ahead. I am not mad at this "waiting" period or whatever you want to call it. In fact, it is humbling because I know when I do get to where I want to be I have something to look back on and talk about. Plus, I'm staying true myself and I want to continue that. If people are going to gravitate to me and I want them to do that knowing that my heart is genuine and that I am passionate about what I am doing. So cheers to the fall and being able to pick yourself back up through God and people that love you the most. The biggest shoutout goes out to my mama for setting the best example for me. I love you !


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