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My Skincare Routine: How to Have Flawless Healthy Skin

Hey Y'all ! This is a highly requested blog post and I'm finally getting around to do it. In this post, I will be sharing with you guys products and steps that keep my skin looking healthy and glowy.

In my next post I will share some skincare tips to keep your skin looking flawless, but for now I will just discuss the products and steps that keep my skin healthy.

So If you all follow me on Instagram @Twiggyversatile and you watch my stories you would know that I am an ambassador for Slake Your Skin. This company is not only woman - owned, it is also black - owned (support black businesses), and all their products are 100% natural. I genuinely love these products and when I found out they were finally coming out with the Slake Facial Trio I was super hype.

There are two kinds Charcoal for Dry/Combination skin which is what I have and Original for Dry/Moderate skin.

So I use the Slake Facial Trio along with the Facial Sugar Scrub to Exfoliate and I use the Bentonite/BenZen Clay Mask 2-3 a week.

I've been using the Trio set a little over 2 months now and my skin has been so healthy looking. I'll use it and I find the following day when I wake up my skin looks amazing.

I do suffer with eczema and sometimes it causes a lil discoloration on my face, but since I've been using the trio set my skin tone has become even. Not only that, my skin doesn't feel textured at all. I finally feel like I found the right products to get my skin right.

So here's what I do Step - By - Step

  1. Before I cleanse my skin, I like to use Witch Hazel to remove any dirt on my face

  2. Then, I cleanse my skin with a spin brush that I purchased from Amazon, I like to leave the product on my skin for 2-3 min, I feel tingles on my skin and then I wash it off.

  3. I use my Facial Sugar Scrub to Exfoliate and let me tell y'all something my skin literally feels like butter every time I use this. I then rinse it off and dab my face with a paper towel. If you can try to avoid using a towel please do. Towels carry bacteria.

  4. After that, I use my Toner from the Trio set, I shake the bottle and spray 3 times all over my face, this toner can also be used before you put on makeup.

  5. Soon after that, I'll let that dry and go in with the serum. This serum is super moisturizing so I put a few drops on my face because if I use too much then I'll be overly moisturized. I have combination skin and I'm dry in some and oily in other places so if I use too much it'll just make my oily parts really oily and nobody has time for that lol.

  6. If you have one, I like to use a Jade Roller on my face to seal everything on my skin and help reduce any puffiness.

  7. *Bonus* 2-3 a week I like to use a facial mask :) I use the BenZen clay mask when I have small breakouts to help minimize the size of any pimples that pop up.

I do these steps twice a day based on my skins needs. I highly recommend, you guys check out these amazing products ! It is all NATURAL, AFFORDABLE, AND BLACK-OWNED :) Check out the products mentioned and all their other amazing products. Use my code $lakerZoeF for $$$ off, you can thank me later :) Slake your skin also has a new Butterfly Collection including Aromatherapy Rollers, Salt Soaks, Aromatherapy Inhalers and Massage Oils. The CEO is certified in Aromatherapy so be sure to check it out guys these products are literally heaven sent. Support a Black Business !!!! The Link will be down below.

I'm not wearing any makeup :)

That ladies and gentlemen is how I have flawless skin. The key to healthy skin is in 5 simple steps: Drink water, Tone your skin, Use a serum to help seal the moisture, Cleanse properly, and Exfoliate ! I'll go into more depth on each step in another post.

If you all enjoyed this post lemme know ! Let me know what you all would like to see next :)

Slake Facial Trio

Jade Roller

Until Next Time,

Twiggy Versatile xoxox

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