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Take That Creative Break

Updated: Sep 15, 2019

Hey y’all ! Have you ever had a creative funk ? If you are a creative of some sort this definitely has happened to you . If you ever ran out of ideas, mind went blank, or can’t seem to bring your concepts into fruition this my friend is a creative block. 😩Not sure why this happens, but I’m sure every human creative can agree that it sucks so much .

( photo taken by my girl Regan ❤️ Follow her on ig @re_dolence )

I wanted to speak on this because I’m not gonna lie I’ve had plenty of creative blocks . I have these concepts that I want to bring to life, but due to fear of rejection I choke or I simply don’t know how to bring my ideas to light 💡I realized, once I came down to earth that having these “creative blocks “ are okay ! In a way it’s humbling. It allows you to get recharged , breathe, and go out there and get inspired again .

The mind is a powerful thing . With that being said you can’t allow your mind to control you, but you can control it ! For example, next time you find yourself in a creative block . Instead of asking yourself, why me? Start asking yourself what is this teaching me ? Not only are you going to start having a better understanding of yourself, but your taking a positive direction towards getting back to being inspired. I think once you start taking charge of your mindset you’ve won the battle !

Here are a few tips and things I like to do to get inspired during my “ Creative Breaks “

1.) If you don’t own a journal, go purchase one ! Start writing down your thoughts and brainstorm a little even if it is not much that you have to say, it’s always a start.

2.) Meditate . Meditation is like self- care 101, but that’s another topic for another day LOL !

3.) Put yourself around other creatives or take a trip to a museum. Every time I put myself around a bunch of other creatives, I always get my creative juices flowing . A trip to any museum is nice because all the work there tells a story that you can learn from and maybe even relate to . ( my favorite thing to do ) I went to the camp exhibit at The MET ( Metropolitan Museum in NYC) . If you live in New York go visit The MET it is probably the most touristy thing you can do LOL ! Anyways , I got so inspired by everything that I saw and you can too !

4.) Do something that you love and be around the people that you love the most. When your around genuine love it makes you happy . Happiness makes the world go round in my opinion :)

( Plenty of things make me happy ;) ) ~ The outfit that I’m wearing is a set from Forever 21 ❤️

5.) Don’t be a couch potato ! Go outside , grab some ice cream, and live in the moment. You never know what could be out there that can inspire you .

These are just a few tips ! Don’t be afraid of that creative break, we all need to unwind sometimes.

If you have any more suggestions, drop them in the comments below I would love to hear them :).

Until Next Time My Loves,

Twiggy Versatile xoxox

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