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Slake Your Skin Review !

Updated: Sep 15, 2019

Slake your skin is a black- owned business that values self-care and truly values all things health and wellness. This company emphasizes how important it is to take care of yourself in order to reach your fullest potential. Everything they sell is made out of all natural products with essential oils that will have your skin literally glowing !

Slake your skin has a wide variety of items to ensure that your skin is " Slaked " and ready to take on the world. Everything from facial/body scrubs, body butter (my personal favorite), lip balms, soaps (lifesavers), and many many more.

For those of you reading this that doesn't know what the word " slake" means by definition it is a verb that means to quench or satisfy.

I love everything about this brand ! I initially tried it because the packaging is super cute, but also because they had really great deals going on around Christmas ! I ended up getting the mini stocking stuffer which included: the soap, body butter stick, and 2 lip balms. I ordered one for me and a friend. Anywho, I ended up with the rose soap bar and the Lady Chanel body butter stick for my first try at the product. To add, they have different flavors of each product. Now, when I used the soap I seen a change in my eczema the next day. That is a big deal for me because my eczema is literally a pain in my behind. So to have something that reduces the texture and appearance of it is pretty freaking great!

The Lady Chanel body butter stick has an amazing scent. You don't have to put a lot on because it is THICK, but it applies so smooth. It is literally my favorite thing to use. When you apply it on your skin the scent stays on you for awhile which is an automatic 10 for me.

As for the lip balms I love to apply them under my lipstick because it definitely keeps them quenched and I love the smell of them.

Overall, everything that I received is definitely a 10/10 across the board. Everything from the packaging to how my skin feels is truly amazing ! Do yourself a favor and get you some of these amazing products ! You can get the products at ! I also have a code you can use to get $$$ off ~ $lakerZoeF

Don't miss out on this amazing product It'll make you this happy (look below) :D

Be on the look out for more reviews on their other amazing products and be sure to follow them on instagram @slakeyourskin to keep up with new products and promotions for the upcoming months.


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