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September Goals: What I Plan on Accomplishing This Month

Hi Everyone ! Welcome to another post. We are literally entering a new month and I'm super excited. 2020 has been a really rough year, nevertheless I plan on making these last 3 months count. I'm gonna be sharing with you guys my goals and how I plan on accomplishing them. I figured if I put this in the air, I have an audience who can hold me accountable. I look at my readers like my family so I don't mind being transparent :)

Post everyday on my Instagram account. Okay this one is a big one. I typically post 3 times a week, but if you've been keeping up with me you know how badly I want to grow my Instagram. I've decided to post every single day. Every time I go and do my own research about social media and how to grow your account, being consistent is always the common theme and posting often. Not gonna lie, sometimes I slack, but this month I'm really tuning in and trying to find new ways to engage.

Finish my graduate school application ( due in December ). So I wanted to hold off on this with everything going on, but I feel I'm finally ready to apply and get accepted into a Masters program. I don't want to reveal where I'm applying to just yet ;). I will say that I am applying to a school where I can pursue my Masters In Public Relations & Digital Media. I want to get my Masters in this speciality because I feel it will help me advance my personal brand. I also feel like it would be really cool to work in the media biz. Just in case you were wondering, I received my Bachelors Degree in Psychology with a Minor in Communication Arts. I'm not completely stirring away from Psychology because there is literally Psychology in everything and I've learned to think more strategically because of it, but now I'm ready to dive in more to Public Relations because I feel like I will excel in it with my blogger and content creation background. Wish me luck y'all.

Journal every single day. My mental condition has taken a bit of a hit since adjusting to this new normal. Every time I go through drastic changes I quickly adjust, but it is still a lot for me. I literally graduated in the middle of a pandemic (I didn't get to have my dream party and graduation ceremony) and the job search for me hasn't been ideal so yeah I am stressed. Nevertheless, I'm taking things day by day and I have faith and I know that God has something super amazing in store for me. Journaling will help me narrow my thoughts and not keep everything bottled up.

Workout/stretch everyday in the morning. Okay so I'm trying to break a bad habit and that is reaching for my phone when I wake up. I absolutely hate doing that, because I feel like I waste my mornings a bit so now I'm gonna get up to workout and stretch my body. I wanna build a proper morning routine for myself basically.

Launch my YouTube channel by my bloggerversary September 30th. I'm super duper excited to do this. My blog will be two years old, but I want to finally start my YouTube journey !!! I'm currently brainstorming what I should do for videos so I can be consistent. I know I want to do clothing hauls from where I shop, clothing product reviews, and cooking segments. I really want to bring to life a project that I'm super passionate about called the happy project. I'm super big on happiness and connecting with people so I want to interview people on happiness and mental health. I can't wait to share with you all

Post 2x a week on my blog :). I've been doing good with the once a week, but I won't lie I do slack and I'm tryna do better so I will be posting two times a week. You guys can always message me via social media or comment what you would like to see from me !

Learn how to trade in Forex. So for anyone who doesn't know what forex stands for it is the Foreign Exchange Market. You can exchange currencies from all over the world. I'll try to share this journey with you all and my experience with it, but I'm learning and I want to do this for myself because it's something I didn't picture myself doing and it is definitely not easy, but I know the end result will be worth it so stay tuned for that!

So this is it for my September Goals ! I feel good about this month. I almost forgot to mention that I turn 23 this month (September 24th) God willing ! Please message me and lets connect. I love when you guys reach out to me. I challenge you all to write down all your goals for each month as well. What are some of your goals this month ?

Until Next Time My Loves,

Twiggy Versatile xoxox

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