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My New Year’s Resolution 2020 & Digital Mood Board

Happy New Year Y’all !!! 2020 is here and I am so ready for everything that the lord has in store for me. 2019 was a great year, but I’m looking forward to growing and learning all there is to learn in this coming year ! I wanted to share my 2019 resolutions with y’all for 1.) Accountability and 2.) To hopefully inspire you guys to set some resolutions for yourselves.

Sooo I figured it be kind of cool to make a vision board along side my list. I’ve always been very visual and I think this will be a good way to get me to stick to them ! I like to make my own personal vision boards for aesthetic purposes but I really put some thought into this one.

Alright so let's get into my 2020 New Years Resolution (They are NOT in any specific order)

I promise y'all the background is real ! I took the photos in Soufriere, St. Lucia and the view of the Pitons in the background is AMAZING

Learn how to use Adobe Suite

I want to do PR and Marketing and I really want to learn how to use the adobe tools. I feel like every time I look up an application for a job or internship they are always asking for some experience in this and I’m not that familiar with the tools but I would like to be. I wanna get so good that I can start using the tools within my own business as a photographer and influencer. Who knows maybe I can get a side hustle from it. LOL you never know, but this is something I want to accomplish.

Finding an Internship In the spring and summer

I’ve already completed an internship for the fall and it was great ! However, it was one of my goals to complete an internship in the spring as well. I would love to get an internship that is more PR focused than marketing because my last internship was focused on the marketing realm so now I want to get some PR experience. My dream is to get an internship at Viacom :)

10 Thousand followers on IG

Now, I currently have 1, 881 followers on IG and I truly believe if I continue to make great content on a CONSISTENT basis. This goal will become a reality. I’m in no rush to get 10k followers, but I want to be closer to it this year.

Explore the city more

I live in New York City and I feel that sometimes I still don’t take advantage of everything that this city has to offer. I want to take more opportunities to get lost in the city and learn more about what this city has to offer. I always go to the same places, but now I am ready to step out of my comfort zone.


Fashion will always be a resolution for me ! Fashion makes me happy and I am trying to build a career around it. So my resolution is to put together as many amazing looks as I can this year that I absolutely love. I am going to work my hardest in 2020

Blog Consistently

I will say that sometimes I bite off more than I can chew and I have to take mini breaks to recuperate and get myself back on track, but I don’t want to take super long breaks anymore ! I'm typically good at writing multiple post at a time to make sure I have content, but when my life gets crazy I need time to just breathe. I will do better at just balancing my personal life and my brand life.

Dream Big

Last but certainly not least one of the most important resolutions is to never stop chasing my dreams ! Sometimes I get a little discouraged, but I am so thankful to the support system that I do have that keeps me going. I’m especially thankful for God for helping me define my purpose as well and I want you to do the same. Never give up on your dreams and desires

Well, That is all Y’all ! 2020 is here and I feel beyond blessed because God is sooo good ALL the time. This year, let’s stay prayed up you guys and protect our hearts and minds ❤️ We can do anything that we set out for ourselves as long as we remember to stay grounded and have faith.

Until Next Time My Loves,

Twiggy Versatile xoxox

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