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My First Smorgasburg ( It won't be my last ;)

Updated: Sep 15, 2019

I decided to finally check out the well - talked about Smorgasburg ! To my knowledge it's been around for a very long time, and it just keeps getting better and expanding to different locations as time goes by. Smorgasburg was originally a spin-off of the Brooklyn flea market and it started out in 2011. Today, Smorgasburg is now in 4 locations and they all vary in different delicious food vendors: Williamsburg, Prospect Park, World Trade Center, and 34th Hudson Yards. I will put a link below so you guys can see the days and times of the different locations.

I went to the one at the World Trade Center and on a beautiful Friday afternoon. It is held on from 11 AM to 7 PM. I recommend wearing something comfortable and bringing at least 50 dollars cash on you if you want to enjoy a few of the vendors. Luckily, most of the vendors take debit cards, but always bring cash. Also, I suggest going with a friend and split some of the cost with each other if you don't want to go wild. However, the more money you have the better.

Might I add that there are so many instaworthy foods there, if you are into that kind of thing.

I decided to try " Dan & Johns" , and their wings are very delicious ! I also tried " Big Mozz " which are the cheesiest mozzarella sticks ever. The portions that they give you aren't too big, but if you want the chance to try a lot of the foods there then its a win win and you won't get full fast. I got full from just having two things though lol . I also had dessert from BONABONA Ice cream ! It is vegan ice cream and it is so yummy. There were so many flavors and they add a roasted marshmallow on top and it gives it some charm in my opinion.

What is great about this location is that there is a large seating area where you can sit and eat your food, but there is not much shade so wear your sunscreen ! Also, the art walls there are perfect for any photoshoot opportunity ! I plan on going back and taking pictures in different outfits in front of the different walls because you can never go wrong with cool colorful walls on your insta feed.

If you live in New York or you are just visiting for the summer, I highly recommend going to a Smorgasburg if you have never been before. It is family friendly and they have food for everyone. There are vegan options, if you are vegan and if you are a meat lover like me they have something for you as well. There are so many vendors so go show some support ! Keep in mind that if you see a vendor that you really like you can go to there actual restaurant and enjoy there food at their establishment as well ! They usually handout business cards with where they are located :) It is summer time make sure you make the best out of it ! I plan on going to one of the bigger ones, I'm thinking Williamsburg next but we shall see ;) .


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