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Last Minute Holiday Gifts Under 30$ From Amazon

Hey guys ! The holidays are here and Christmas is literally next week ❤️ If you have not started looking for a gift look no further than Amazon. It is the Go- To shop for everything so I thought it would be a good idea to make a list of 10 items you can possibly buy for someone you care about and they are all under 30 ;)!

1.) Echo Dot 3rd Generation

Now apparently this new gadget is the in thing. If you have a tech savvy friend who doesn’t have this then I think it’s a great gift at such a good price !

2.) Burt’s Bee Holiday Gift Set ~ Five Product Mini Candle, Lip Mask, Lip Balm, Face Mask, and Cuticle Cream

Gift Sets are always an easy item that seem to go over well .

This one is especially good because we all have skin LOL !

3.) Decorative Pillows

This gift could be for anyone ! I feel like pillows are a necessity so you can never go wrong in giving this to someone as a gift .

4.) Sheec Socks Trousox Reinforced

Socks are always a great gift to give someone if you want to play it safe ! These socks are great and they are super soft .

5.) Apple Watch And Phone Charging Station

Now, I love when gifts are clever and this just so happens to be one of them. I personally don’t have an Apple Watch, but this is a great gift for someone who loves their apple products.

6.) A Mug

People drink stuff all the time. If you know someone who loves their tea, hot chocolate, or coffee in the morning this gift just makes perfect sense.

7.) A Cookbook

I thought this would be a cute gift because who doesn’t love food ?

8.) A Gift Card

I know a lot of people who simply HATE the idea of giving a gift card, but in all honesty it takes the stress away and it is very useful.

9.) Portable Charger

In this day and age everybody is always on their phone ! So why not get them something they can use to their own convenience.

10.) Custom Necklace

When I seen this on Amazon I was just browsing. Having your initials or name on something is always a good thing ?

Okay y’all I hope these gift ideas help you out and if they do please let me know in the comments below ❤️ Happy Holidays and stay tuned for my next posts 😘

Until Next Time My Loves,

Twiggy Versatile xoxox

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