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How To Find Your Own Personal Style

Hey y'all ! Thank you Kindly for clicking to read this post ! Now, ask yourself ! Do you sometimes find it hard to put together pieces that you love ? If that's the case, you probably are struggling with what your own style is ? I'm pretty sure everyone can admit to having trouble putting different looks together here and there. It happens to me all the time . I am constantly having to put outfits together for my daily life and shoots that my brain sometimes can't function. However, if you find that you are never able to put an outfit together with styled pieces that you absolutely love, then maybe you don't know what your personal style is .... YET. This is where I come in to share my tips with you : )

Outfit Details : Top is from Forever 21 and the denim shorts are from Garage

1.) Think about what you feel the most comfortable in

This one right here is sooo important. Think about when you feel your best ! What are you wearing ? Is it fitting for your body type ? What color is it ? What fabric is it ? ETC ETC. These are questions that need to be considered ! I know for a fact that I love wearing pieces that add something extra to my outfit because I don't like looking too simple. For example, I love wearing fitted/bodycon dresses and skirts, but if I can pair it with a cute windbreaker or jacket that makes a statement then I am all the way here for it. Even just adding accessories always does it for me. I really experimented with clothes my sophomore year when I moved to New York because I did not have to wear school uniforms anymore. I would try to hide my body, but I gradually started to wear fitted clothes to accentuate the little curves I did have. Now, I like to mix and match! I still love my skirts and dresses, but I love wearing a cute pair of pants that are comfortable, but still cute. Figure out what makes you the most comfortable and what doesn't. Your personal style is what you feel the most comfortable in.

2.) Throw out pieces that you don't wear anymore (JUST LET IT GO)

It is hard throwing out old pieces, trust me I know, but please just let it go. I find myself always having to get rid of things in my closet because I'm always getting new things and my personal style is just versatile. Like if you haven't worn something in a long time then you need throw it out. If you have an item that feels a little too tight, throw it out. When you clean out your closet outfits will be easier to put together too.

3.) What do you always gravitate to in the store

What prints ? What styles ? What colors ? When I walk into a store I gravitate to anything with animal print or simply colorful patterns. I also gravitate to some basic pieces because I like putting them with something that'll make it look less simple and well thought out, but that is just me.

Now, go to your favorite store online and just skim through and favorite what draws your attention the most. When you are done, look through what you favorited and see if there are any similarities to the items.

4.) Your "style" doesn't have to fit in one category

This took me awhile to come to terms with I'm not gonna lie. There are people who think that personal style needs to be put in a category like sporty, edgy, and chic. I despise that. I love dressing based on my mood LOL. I don't like being put in a box when it comes to what I decide to wear, but just because I like to switch it up does not mean I don't have a personal style. When people ask me " how would you describe your personal style, " I always cringe because how do I really answer that. I've just learned to simply say " versatile" because that is exactly what my style is. Your style is whatever you make it ! don't let anybody try to put you in a box and tell you it is only one thing. If personality is not fit into just one box then your style should't either.

5.) Find Inspiration

Instagram is a good place to go through tags and find style Inspo ! I also think pinterest is heaven sent to all creatives. Try making a mood board with a collage of different looks and styles that match your vibe. You can even look up different celebrities and their styles and that might even ignite some inspiration in your head. One of my celebrity style Inspirations right now is Rihanna ! She is always so daring when it comes to her looks. I just LOVE her.

6.) Do NOT follow trends

I am not saying that it is wrong to follow a trend and wear it. However, don't just wear it because that is what is popular in the now ! Wear it because you feel comfortable and confident in it. There are so many trends that I have seen on other people that I could never see on myself and that is fine with me.

7.) What is the finishing touch to your look ( Do you have a signature item or makeup item)

Figure out what your special " signature " is to complete your look. I know for me, I LOVEEEE red lipstick everybody that knows me, knows that is my thing. Red Lipstick is just that extra something that makes my outfit pop. However, wearing lipstick in general just makes me feel complete. With that being said, if you have to do your makeup for your look to feel finished then do that ! Believe it or not, sometimes you don't like your outfit because something just doesn't look right. Try and figure out what that something is.

8.) Be You

Finding your own personal is all about you boo :) Be yourself and dress how you want to dress. It's less about what others think, but what you look and feel comfortable in ! Your " personal" style is all about YOU !!! Don't forget that .

I hope you all enjoyed this post :) Let me know if any of these tips work for you !

Until Next Time My Loves

Twiggy Versatile xoxox

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