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Updated: Nov 3, 2019

Hey guys ! Thank you for coming to another blog post. I hope you all had a fantastic week :) I took a little hiatus from the blog, but rest assured I have been working to bring you guys some great content. Stay tuned ;) !!! On my instagram story, (if you don't follow me my gram is @twiggyversatile) I had my followers ask me whatever they wanted and the questions I received were great, so I will be answering them in the order I got them.

- " Where do you find your inspiration ?"

I would say that my inspiration comes from simply living in New York. Being around people from different backgrounds that have different stories is always something to get inspired by. I truly get inspired by admiring the uniqueness of others. Also, my mama, she is the epitome of a real woman and I aspire to be even half the woman she was. She was so confident and so full of life. I really just want to make her proud so I'm always trying to live up to everything she was.

- " Who is your Fashion Icon ? "

I look up to so many people in the industry, but if I had to choose one it would be Rihanna. She is so fire and she isn't afraid to set a trend. I also love that she is so confident and she does and says what she wants. She isn't afraid to be sexy and I love that.


- " What is one thing you can't leave the house without ? "

I can not leave the house without my Slake your skin body butter stick LOL. Whenever I get sleepy dust around my eyes or I'm feeling dry I always dab a little on my face and I feel good and refreshed. My favorite flavor is Georgia Peach! I highly recommend :) It's only eight bucks and it smells sooo good. Don't say I didn't put you on.

Heres a link: "

- "What is your favorite place in Louisiana ? "

Ouuu I had to think about this one, but I would say my favorite place in Louisiana is Perkins Rowe. All my Louisiana heads will know what I am talking about, but for those who don't, it is a mixed destination with a movie theater, great places to eat, and amazing stores to shop at. I have great memories here. If you're ever in Louisiana this is a great place to visit .

- " How are you always so happy ? You never seem like you're in a bad mood ? "

Honestly, I have my days, but I like to think I'm always happy because of my spiritual journey. God is so good to me and I really try to embody him by showing love to people everywhere I go. Whether it's by sharing a smile or giving someone encouragement, all these things make me happy. I feel like being a positive being is just apart of my higher calling if that make sense.

- " Where do you see yourself in 5 years ? "

In 5 years, I hope to have graduated with my masters degree ! I want to travel the world, and I hope that my brand Twiggy Versatile is well on its way to stardom by working with big brands and helping other people like myself get to where they want to be. However, I don't want to just work with any brands if they do not embody my integrity. I also hope to build a youtube channel with a variety of content.

Check out my future on The Lonely Universe Podcast "In Orbit" where I touch on this even more !!! You can listen on Apple, Spotify, and SoundCloud

You can listen to " In Orbit" Podcast on Spotify, Apple, and Soundcloud

- " How do you stay positive ? " I just constantly remind myself that I have a higher purpose. I've been through so many things in life thus far and I always come out strong. So knowing that I've been through some of the worst things, but still mange to make it out makes me feel like there is nothing I can not do. Again, God is good and I wouldn't be who I am today if it wasn't for his endless love. There is a song by Mathew West that I listen to called "Strong Enough." I listen to this song every time I need a boost in attitude and a reminder that I am not in this alone because God got me :).

- " What is your favorite food ? "

LOL, I can't choose one. I love pizza, pasta, and wings. I LOVEEEEEE wings !!! Literally, every time I go out to eat that is the first thing I look for. I can not help myself. I just love food.

- " How do you manage having a blog, going to school, and having a personal life ? "

Honestly, truly, I don't know ! I'm not going to lie to you and act like I have it all figured out because I don't. However, I try to lean on my support system that I do have.

- " Do you miss Louisiana ? Would you ever move back to live ? "

Oh my goodness, YES ! Yes, I miss Louisiana it is my home :) To be completely honest though, I would not move back. When I came to New York it was at a time where I was going through so many things, but I like to think that I ended up in New York for a reason. Nevertheless, Louisiana will always be my home and I will never forget it.

Outfit Details : Top and Midi Satin Skirt are from Forever 21 ! I've had the leather jacket for years. I decided to pair it with a white puma sneaker :)

Alrighty, well this is the end of my post ! Thank you so much to everyone who sent me questions and if you want more posts like this please let me know in the comments below :)

Till Next Time,

Twiggy Versatile xoxox

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