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Friday Night At Pelicana.

Updated: Sep 15, 2019

I went out one Friday night out with some friends to destress from all the work I've been dealing with from school and I must say it was well needed. I do so much that sometimes I forget to take some time out for myself. ( I will soon have a post on Self Care, I promise ;) Anyways, Pelicana is not a club, but it is simply a Korean Fried Chicken spot with decent priced drinks if you want a place to go out on a Friday night. My friends and I enjoyed it and I definitely plan on going back again.

There are 7 different locations of Pelicana, but we went to one of the Brooklyn locations.

1 Greene Ave,

Brooklyn, NY 11238

The food was great ! If you love fried chicken give this place a shot ! I ordered the spicy crispy fried chicken with sweet and spicy sauce and I was in heaven. They have other sauces as well, but I went for what I was craving. I also had an order of fries with snow cheddar on them and it was extremely good as well. It was different because when you think of cheese on fries it is typically melted, but these fries were made to perfection. I got this cheese sauce to go with it and it was amazing, I even used it on my chicken.

Now, the drinks were pretty good. I ended up having a Long-Island Iced Tea and it wasn't strong at all. I personally don't mind that, especially because of the type of drink it was. The cool thing about there other drinks Is that they put a light in them which I thought was a nice gesture. The light is cubed so don't worry :) The only downfall I had with my drink is that my Long -Island Iced Tea didn't have a cute little in it like all my other friends, but I know for next time.

Overall, I thought the food and the service was great. The waiter was tentative to my friends and me! We ended having a successful night out. I will say that the prices on the food can be a little bit better, but it is worth it. I give this place 9.5/10. So next time you are looking for somewhere to go on a Friday night please check this place out :).


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