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Finding The Perfect Red Lip

Updated: Sep 15, 2019

Red Lipstick in itself is its own accessory. There are so many to choose from. I personally love a good red lip considering that I wear it just about everyday. In my opinion, it can make a whole outfit come together if you pair it in your own unique way. For example, if I am wearing something with black and white I am quick to pair it with a red lipstick, typically to add a little pop of color. The point is, you can’t go wrong with a red lipstick. However, there are a lot of people that search high and low for that perfect red lip. I will be sharing with you my thoughts on how you can find and achieve your perfect red lip.

You wanna ensure that you choose a color that best matches your skin tone and undertones. There are tons of universal reds on the market, and if you don’t know what a universal red is, it is a red that typically goes with all skin tones. One of my favorite universal red lips is from MAC in the shade Ruby Woo. It seriously looks gorgeous on every skin tone. Anyways, if you have a warm skin tone don’t be afraid to try something bold. If you have a cooler tone try a cooler red.

Pay attention to the texture of the lipstick . There are so many textures you can choose from ranging from matte, satin, gloss, etc. If you are going for a matte look just ensure that you moisturize your lips first because you don't want it to chap over the course of the day.

Wearing a liner that matches the lipstick or wearing a darker liner can help to create depth. Sometime when wearing a red lip it may bleed a little bit depending on the lipstick , so wearing a lip liner is highly advised. If you wanna create something two tone you can add a darker color than the lipstick to create a cool look. If you are simple just opt for a lip liner that is close to the lip color. There are brands that have matching lip liners along with their lipsticks as well if you want to play it safe.

If you want to go bold , DO It ! I know this contradicts the notion on matching your the red lipstick with your skin tone, but if you feel confident in trying a new red lipstick , then do it ! You can follow that advice only if you’re nit picky about what is on your lips. However, if you feel inclined wear whatever you wanna wear because you feel like wearing it :)


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