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Beauty Favorites

Updated: Sep 15, 2019

This month I ran into so many favorites that it was hard for me to narrow it down to five ! Nevertheless, I made it happen and I can't wait to share with you guys

AnGlowla Highlighter Powder :This highlighter gives you a glow that is unmatched ! I love it so much because you don't need to use much for it to make a statement. It is just that pigmented . Wearing this makes you feel like a star, and I can't wait to buy the other three.

New Rule 12 Nudes Palette:I love this palette so much ! I always look for palettes with neutral colors so I can easily blend them out . This palette is highly pigmented and it is not chalky at all. The colors don't crease and it lasts you a long time. I don't do eyeshadow often, but this palette right here is my go to ! It's the perfect everyday palette. I highly recommend this product to anyone who is just getting started with makeup.

Frick N' Frack Ultra Satin Lipstick:This is my favorite nude pink ! It goes on so smoothly and it last all day long even after I drink or eat something while wearing it. This is the best formula ever because it doesn't leave you feeling choppy on the lips. This nude pink looks really good on other skin tones as well.

St. Ives Sheet Masks: So I came across this product in a Walgreens by my house and I do not regret my purchase at all. If you ever feel like your face needs a " pick me up, " then try this mask. They have different ones, but I tried the glowing apricot and my skin felt so nice. It definitely gave my skin that extra glow it so desperately needed ! I'm gonna stock up on these next time I see em and try the other ones they have to offer.

Airspun Loose Face Powder:

I discovered this product through watching my favorite youtuber Aaliyah jay. She raves so much about it and I wanted to see what it was all about. I finally tried it, and I loved it! I use this to set my concealer down on my eyelids before I apply eyeshadow and it will last all day. I also use it to set my concealer on my face as well. I get no flashback at all when I use this product it's great.


AnGlowla: $15.00

New Rule 12 Nude Palette: $20.00

Frick N' Frack Colourpop Lipstick: $6.50

St. Ives Sheet Mask: $2.32

Airspun Loose Face Powder: $5.99


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