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Beauty Favorites

Updated: Sep 15, 2019

Every month I will be sharing my top beauty favorites for each month , so stay tuned ' !

Fenty Beauty Stunna LipstickI LOVE wearing a red lip, it’s like my signature ! I’m very particular about red lip sticks because I do wear it all the time and I’m always looking for a nice finish. As for The Stunna lipstick, in the shade Uncensored, I am in love. This is the perfect red for fall if you want a pop of color for your fall outfits and it’s fitting on every skin tone. It lasts forever once you put it on, but my only suggestion would be to wear a red lip liner with it because it bleeds a little bit on the lip. Other than that, it is the perfect universal red lipstick for anyone looking for something bold !

Baby Lips Chap-stickMaybelline really struck gold when they made these because they do the job. My lips are always so soft after I put it on and it last forever. I like how they have different colors for people that just want to wear it by itself for those makeup/no makeup looks. I personally like to wear it underneath a lip gloss or lipstick to ensure my lips are hydrated while wearing heavy lipstick or lip gloss. Keeping those lips moisturized is key if you want your lipstick finish to look good .

NYX Fire Palette

This product is on the pricier side compared to all the other Nyx products, however, it is so worth it ! There are so many different looks you can make with this one palette and it does not disappoint. The packaging isn’t cheap looking and it comes with a mirror inside which I love ! All the colors are beautiful and they last a long time. The color range is great for the fall. I highly suggest using a setting spray or fix plus on the brush before applying the shadows so the colors can pop more on the eye.

Born to Glow Nyx Highlighter If you love to glow like me you are going to love this highlighter ! Every time I wear it I always get compliments on it. It’s the most amazing highlighter at such a low price. The one I have is the gold color but there are two other colors that are just as nice as this one. If you’re trying to be a baddie on a budget look no further than this ! You can never go wrong with keeping a nice glow during the fall.

Neutrogena Hydro Boost GelI tend to go through these skin changes when the weather changes and this product has done me nothing but justice. I have combination skin and some parts are drier than others so it is always nice to have a product that makes me feel balanced throughout the day . This product is lightweight and my skin feels hydrated all day long.


Fenty Beauty Stunna Lipstick ~ $ 24.00 , check out Sephora's website

Baby Lips Chap- Stick ~ $ 2.00 ( well I got mine from Walgreens at that price , but it typically varies in price depending on where you go , still cheap though )

NYX Fire Palette ~ $ 30.00 on NYX Cosmetic's website however NYX always has sales going on so take advantage of it then

Born to Glow Nyx Highlighter ~$ 10.00 , this product is always on sale as well on the NYX Cosmetics website

Neutrogena Hydro Boost Gel~ $ 15.99 , this product is another one that varies in price depending on where you go, I got mine from target


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