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8 Valuable Lessons That I Learned In My 4 Years of College

Hey Y'all ! It brings me great excitement to tell you guys that I am now a college graduate. I have received my BA in Psychology with a Minor in Communication Arts and it was not easy. I cried a lot, but I still had the time of my life and I made wonderful memories. I've learned so much in my 4 years of college and I narrowed it down to 8 things because I could go on and on LOL. I hope you all enjoy this post. Nothing is impossible if you just put your mind to it !

Trying new things will help you discover what you like

I will never forget what my boss told me in the very beginning of my college journey. He said that college is like one big chemistry lab, you have to try things out for yourself and figure out what works and what doesn't. Now, those may not have been his words verbatim, but the message always stuck with me. College is all about discovering who you are. You will grow as an individual once you put yourself out there and see what is in store for you.

Seize every opportunity

Whenever you have a chance at something, no matter what it may be, you should seize every opportunity. For instance, if your school is having guest speakers come to campus then go to the talk and network. If your school has a scholarship opportunity where you have to write the essay, then write the essay. You don't want to miss out on an open opportunity because you were too afraid to take the chance. I got amazing opportunities just because I took risks. I may not have known what the outcome was going to be, but that is okay. You have to open yourself up to every learning opportunity so you can grow.

Don't be afraid to be yourself

You will find your people. College is not high school where you have to be someone else just to " fit in," ! You should learn that coming out of there.Anyways, I guarantee that you will find your people once you find the things that you like to do at school. Keep in mind when you go to college you will be attending with thousands of other people. Out of those thousands, you are destined to meet people with similar interests as you. In high school, I went through drastic life changes which made it hard for me to step out of my shell so when I started college I knew I wanted to be the opposite.

Plan everything in advance

College is hard, it is even harder if you're an athlete or a super involved student. Take it from me, I know. Even being a blogger for half of my college career and trying to grow my brand I had to make sure that everything I did was planned in advance. If you don't, then you could burn out. That is the worst thing you could do. Not gonna lie, I did burn out quite a few times because your girl is not perfect, but each time I did I understood why it was so important for me to plan in the first place.

Self care is important

My darlings, if you do not take care of yourselves you will be in for a rude awakening. Similarly in my last point, you will burn out. You can not be doing everything for everybody else and not taking care of yourself first. I always say this ! Put yourself first hunty.

Building relationships is the key to a happy college life

I now have another family from my college community that I am so grateful for. When you build relationships with people they can open up your mind to different perspectives and even help you with things that may be troubling. Also, here is a tip: get close with your admin or professors you never know who they might know or how they may help you. I've had great conversations with people that have shared opportunities with me that I am forever grateful for. Please do the same :)

Get Involved

Please do not be the student who just goes to class and then goes straight home. You will be very miserable. Join a club or a team. Don't just do it because it will look good on a resume, do it because you are genuinely interested in it. Being apart of a club or any type of organization should require some type of work. Yes, it is supposed to be fun, but how else are you going to have something to talk about if you don't get involved ? Doing this is another great way to build relationships and meet new people .

Don't be hard on yourself ! Nothing good ever comes easy.

College is not easy ! Give yourself a pat on the back for every semester you successfully finish. It took me awhile to understand this, but when I finally came to this realization it felt like a weight was lifted off of my shoulders.

To anybody reading this you could be just starting out on your college career or in the middle of it. You can even be like me and have just finished. Or you've already been through the motions of college so you know what I am talking about. Wherever you are in your path I am sure you can agree with me when I say, college is all about self discovery. I have grown tremendously and I met so many amazing people that I will cherish for the rest of my life. I am not done with school because I am getting my masters, but I feel immensely blessed to have gone on this journey. To the class of 2020 .... WE DID IT. To those who are still working on their degree ... BABY YOU GOT THIS !

Until Next Time My Loves

Twiggy Versatile xoxoxo

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2 commentaires

Zoe J Felix
Zoe J Felix
12 juil. 2020

Thank you so much Isa !


Isa Khan
Isa Khan
10 juil. 2020

Thank you for everything you've done for us these past four years Zoe, and an extra big shout out for helping me decide on SFC!

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