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10 Things That I'm Grateful For

Updated: Apr 20, 2020

Hey Y'all ! It's me Twiggy and thank you for tuning into another blog post. I wanna share with you guys what I'm feeling thankful for. It is important to remember all the things that you are grateful for, especially during times like these.

1.) God

- God has been so good to me and I am forever grateful for his grace. He is everything

2.) My Family and Friends

- If no one else is there I know that I got family :) As for my friends, its nice to still connect via FaceTime, Text, or Phone call, especially during these crazy times

3.) My Boyfriend

- My Boyfriend is literally like my best friend and we're always earning new things about each other.

4.) Access To The Internet

- It's very hard to get anything done without it.

5.) Being Able to Wake Up Each Day

- I think sometimes we get so caught up in life that we forget about the little things. However, everyday I get to get up is more reason to be grateful.

6.) My Subscribers/Readers

- You guys help me grow my brand and I am grateful for that.

7.) My Health

- I'm no iron man, I get every now and then, but I like to think if I continue to sleep well and treat my body the way it should then it'll do right by me. Health is wealth people !

8.) Any Setbacks That Have Made Me Who I Am

- I am grateful for every trial and tribulation because without it I would not be who I am. I've been through some drastic things, but it has only made me stronger.

9.) I Can Enjoy All The Small Things In Life.

- Whether it's being able to walk outside, the sun gleaming on my skin, or the air that I breathe. I am grateful for it all.

10.) Being Alive

- I am happy, I am well, and life may not be easy, but it isn't meant to be. I like to think that everything we go through is preparing us for something greater. That my friends, makes this all the more reason to be grateful to be alive.

Well folks, that is all for today ! I hope you all enjoyed this post and can relate. Please comment below and tell me what it is that you are grateful for ? Take some time out of your day to do so :) My list is not in any specific order BTW.

Until Next Time My Loves,

Twiggy Versatile xoxox

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