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Styling With Twiggy: Styling My First Music Video With The Amina Powell

Updated: Sep 15, 2019

Amina gave me the opportunity to style her for her first music video and she allowed me to let my vision shine through ! This was my first time actually styling someone, but this is definitely not my last.

So just to give y'all a little background on Amina... she is truly a superstar ! The girl can sing, dance, and she truly has a good head on her shoulders. She is one of the most genuine souls you'll ever meet and her grind is like none other. My girl deserves all the good in this world, PERIODT.When she asked me to style her I just couldn't say no. It's true, I've never actually styled someone before, but she knew how passionate I was and she gave me the opportunity. I am forever grateful to her :)

When she asked me she told me all the looks that she wanted to do and how each scene of the video was going to pan out so I could start working on each look for her. She even sent me pictures for inspiration ! We did a total of three looks for the different scenes she was capturing. One look was dedicated to a chill vibe, the second look was a work vibe, and then the third look is what you're seeing in the pictures. I apologize, for not having a picture of the other looks, but that will just give you more incentive to see the video when it is officially out. It wouldn't be right if I did not give a little tease though. Anyways, the whole experience was fun, I was there from beginning to end and let's just say people are in for a real treat because she can sing.

Anywho, the whole process wasn't super difficult, but I was very anxious because I just wanted to make sure that she was happy. Rule number one in any business is to make sure that your client is happy, and that was my main thing. For each look that she wanted I made sure to give her options so she can pick and choose what she wanted to wear.I also made sure each look was within the budget that she wanted to spend for the shoot as welI ( big key). I know the big hollywood stylist do that so I took a page from their book during the whole process.

Before the shoot, to help me get Inspo of my own I used Pinterest to pin different fashion looks that I was envisioning for her. I also made mood boards for myself just to stay creative.

I looked for clothing on Rainbow, Forever 21,Pretty Little Things, and Fashionova. Fast fashion, yes, but it is all about how you put it together. The outfit details in the photo :

Jacket: Fashionova

Shirt: Pretty Little Thing

Skirt: Pretty Little Thing

Hat: Zara

Make sure y'all follow Amina @shesamina_ to get the scoop on her journey and to stay posted on the debut of her song and music video .


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