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8 Tips For a Great Outfit Photoshoot

Hey my loves and welcome to another blog post ! I'm super excited for this post because I feel as though my brand has grown a lot and I look forward to sharing tips once I feel like I got something else down ! If you look at my instagram when I first rebranded you will see that my feed looks all over the place and I was still trying to figure out a proper theme. I will never delete it because I want people to see how much I've grown. Taking amazing pictures of your outfits is definitely a skill and I've gotten a lot better especially taking on photography and shooting other people. My first set of outfit photos to me weren't the best because I wasn't as confident. Now, I'm learning how to pose in front of the camera and I have to give a huge shout - out to anyone who's taken pictures of me on the fly with my phone and listened to how I wanted it. The photos came out great every time and I am so grateful :) . Today, I thought it would be fun to share some tips that I've learned, so you too could take great photos of your outfits.

It's good to plan out the shots that you want. This is good because you want to make the process easy for you and whoever is shooting you. Once you have the shots that you want planned out it also makes the process a lot quicker. For example, if I plan a shoot maybe i'll plan to get strictly full body photos, or some close up shots of my outfits. Or I may just want a close up of an item I am promoting.

Always shoot in good lighting. I think this is a given, but if the lighting isn't good it can throw off the whole look. I love shooting outdoors to get natural light shots. I do not recommend shooting directly in the sunlight. Try shooting during the famous " Golden Hour " when the sun is not at its peak or in the morning before the sun is high up in the sky.

If you can, try shooting multiple looks at one time. I find this helps build content and you don't have to worry about putting together single outfits in a matter of days. This makes sense if you don't want to stress about not having different content to post and it helps with time management.I'm pretty risqué in changing my clothes LOL. I have a technique I don't get fully naked in public or anything. When I'm not feeling to do that, I'll just kindly ask a coffee shop to use their bathroom to change. If you don't want to do that, you can invest in a portable changing room.

Use a good camera. This should be numero uno. I have two cameras my Nikon D3400 and a Sony a6000. My phone also takes phenomenal pictures so sometimes I don't even bother with my camera. When I do shoot with my camera though, I love using the 35 or 50 mm lenses to get the perfect shots. My favorite is the 50 mm lens because it adds a natural blur to the photo that I LOVE.

Find what works best for you. Be sure to do poses that you feel comfortable doing and it should match your overall niche or aesthetic. I like to look up different poses on Pinterest and try different ones in different shots, but only the ones I feel best represents my brand. I feel most comfortable when I smile in my shots. Sometimes I'll get a really good shot when I do the Tyra Banks smize, but not all the time LOL so I keep that in mind.

Work with photographers that understand your niche and aesthetic. I personally like working with multiple photographers because I find that every photographer gives off something different and I am very versatile in my style anyways so I'm not opposed to that. However, if you like your photos to look consistent then try to stick with a photographer(s) who understands your overall look if you like keeping your photos kind of similar. Also, it's good to send your photographers examples of what you want. If they are doing the editing and you happen to be picky about that too, just make sure you communicate that.

Wear a outfit and let that be the main topic of conversation. Choosing a location is super important because you don't want what you are wearing to clash with the background. Regardless of that, you want to try to keep the background to a minimum if you want all the attention on the oufit ! Shooting in front of plain brick wall or a white background is always a safe idea and if you edit your own pictures you can have fun and add graphics if you want. However, this only applies if you want to capture the essence of the outfit alone.

Always remember to have fun. Yes, you're trying to get a photo of your outfit, but remember to have fun with it and loosen up a bit. It'll make the process so much easier.

Well that is all for now ! I hope these tips will help you next time you want to get great outfit photos. Let me know if there are any other tips that you do to get the perfect outfit photo. I would love to know.

Until Next Time,

Twiggy Versatile xoxox

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