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10 Summer Fashion Tips That Will Keep You On Your Game

Hey my loves ! Welcome to another blog post you guys. Summer time is a lot different for obvious reasons, but that doesn't mean you can't still kill it while going for a walk in the park or even going out and enjoying outside eating, right ? I've put together some tips that I swear will have you stunting on anybody, even if that means you have to do it inside LOL.

White sneakers are a classic slay

White sneakers can be paired with literally ANYTHING ! You can rock em with some jeans or a sundress.

Keep it cute, rock a natural face beat

Okay, to my ladies who love to rock a full face of makeup try trading in your foundation for a light bb cream instead. I typically like to make sure my eyebrows are on fleek, add vaseline on my cheek bones, top it off with some highlight, put on some lip gloss and that is it. That is all you really need. If you wanna add some color to your face try a cream blush.

Don't be scared to play with different patterns and prints

I do this year round, but I think it is extremely important to do this in Summer. Summer is supposed to be fun, so step out of your comfort zone, if you're not used to. A good place to start is going thrifting and finding pieces that'll get people talking.

Hats are lit

I feel like a good hat can really put together an outfit. I'm a big fan of bucket and dad hats with prints on them.

Silk material is always a good idea in the summer

Whether it's a silk top or skirt you can not go wrong ! it's super versatile. Try wearing a silk skirt with a graphic tee of your choice :)

Gold accesorries is a MUST

I feel like gold helps bring out an individuals undertones in the best way.

Get a cute shoulder purse to help accessorize

Shoulder bags are making a comeback and I am here for it. It's so cute and they come in different colors. Totes are cool, but let's try to pack less this summer ladies. You can't be slaying and then have a big bag weighing you down on your side LOL. Well, you can, but we trying to free up ourselves and a big bag won't help with that.

Embrace loose fitting clothing items

You can try getting a top with puffy shoulders and pair it with your favorite pair of shorts or get an oversized shirt and wear it with a dress.

Dibble and dabble in some new colors

Neutrals are cool for the summer, but look for pieces with popping colors like neon, yellow, or orange for a lovely summer look. You can pair the bright colors with neutrals if you want.

Block heels for the win

I like wearing heels that I can be comfortable in and block heels are always a safe option, especially during the summer.

Okay my babies, don't say I didn't put y'all on game with this post ! I want all my people to slay all year round, PERIODT. Let me know if you end up using any of my tips. What are some style tips that you use in the summer ?

Until Next Time My Loves,

Twiggy Versatile xoxox

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