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My Favorite Summer Trends 2019

Hey Y'all ! Welcome to another post . I will be sharing with you guys some of my favorite summer trends. Let me know what you guys think :)

Biker Shorts

I typically love my skirts and dresses, but I am living for this athleisure trend. It's so easy to dress it up and make it fashion. Biker shorts have been making a comeback but I feel as though this summer I seen everybody wearing a pair of biker shorts. I bought several pairs this summer because I felt it was a necessity. You can wear it so many different ways with a blazer or with a cute graphic tee. You can be comfy and cute all at the same time


Wearing the color neon is so popping ! I saw many different neon looks this summer that I loved. You can really mix and match when it comes with neon. If you don't want to look like a complete highlighter you can just mix it up with something neutral and make it pop if you like. Or if you have green, pink, orange, or purple in your outfit find a neon piece that corresponds with it to have a fit. Whether it be a simple accessory like a fanny pack or another article of clothing you can really play around with neon and make it something special . I honestly even see neon transcending into the fall, but we shall see as the fall season is arriving.

Satin Midi Skirts

The Satin Midi Skirts were every where this summer ! I think they're so cute . I got two from forever 21 that I feel are good for spring and I can even wear it in the fall/winter I just have to wear it accordingly. You can wear these midi skirts with a cute sandal heel and nice blouse/top/tank depending on the midi satin skirt. As mentioned I got two from forever 21 and they had a whole section dedicated to them. If not forever 2, you can certainly find these at a thrift store !

Animal print

Anything animal print can really make the difference in any outfit ! If you want to lay low, but still want to add something special to make your outfit try getting an animal print piece (ex: purse, shoes, glasses, etc) or article of clothing. It has been many times this summer where I wore something really simple but I added a snake skin purse or leopard print shoe and it made a big difference.

Simple White Crop Top

I always love a simple a simple white crop top it reminds me of the early 2000's . It almost gives me Aaliyah vibes :) A white crop top should be staple item in everyones closet because you can do no wrong with it. It is simple and you can pair it with literally anything.

Dad Hat

In the summer I wear braids throughout and sometimes I would wear a hat when I was feeling incognito, but still wanted to be cute LOL . I got this cute lil hat a while back from a company that has the dopest concept ! Stef etc A.K.A " The Am I Art Yet " brand . I got to shoot with Stefani Forte and he sells this super dope hat so go get it . Every time I wear this hat I get tons of compliments. Follow him @stef_etc

Let me know in the comments what your Favorite summer trend is ?

Until Next Time My Loves,

Twiggy Versatile xoxox

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