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Fashion Highlight of The Week: Zoe Drobenko

Updated: Sep 15, 2019

This California native is the sweetest thing! She is literally the bomb and not just because we have the same first name LOL. Her style is fun and timeless and she has a charming smile to match ! Who knows you guys might even see her on the front page of someones magazine one day . I had so much fun shooting with her and every shot was effortless. Read more about this cutie and see what she is all about :)

1.) How would you describe your personal style ?

" Timeless with an urban edge "

2.) What are three words that describe you ?

" Passionate, Intense, Full of life "

3.) What is some fashion advice that you would want to share with others ?

" Dress for and live YOUR life. Everything should strengthen and enhance YOU. Be comfortable and be YOU. A few things I do for me are: Moisturize and wear sunscreen. My skin is my fashion foundation. Stretch daily. A fit and toned body looks and feels great.

Embrace my body. I have learned to love and leverage my curves. "

4.) Who is your biggest fashion inspiration ?

" Blake Lively, I absolutely love Blake’s style. She is bold and is not afraid to play around with color and patterns, like me Blake is timeless, classic and not afraid to be bold. As well as, Ashley Graham, She’s a champion of inclusivity, has great confidence and isn’t afraid to show off her curviness."

5.) Where do you go shopping ?

Urban Outfitters

Buffalo Exchange

Free People



6.) In your opinion, what is a big fashion no no ?

" Don’t dress for others. Know what looks good on you and dress for yourself. Experiment so you can develop your fashion point of view or foundation and use that as your base. "

Outfit Details

1st outfit:

Off the shoulder top: H&M

Jeans: Good American

Shoes: Buffalo Exchange

Sunglasses: Buffalo Exchange


2nd Outfit:

Turtle neck: Ralph Lauren

Jeans: Good American

Shoes: Buffalo Exchange

Earrings: Buffalo Exchange

3rd Outfit: Champion Pullover: Urban Outfitters

Jeans: Good American

Shoes: Fila from Urban Outfitters

Earrings: Buffalo Exchange


Wanna see more form Zoe ? Follow her on instagram @zoe.drob to see this cutie slaying !


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