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Fashion Highlight of The Week: Vanessa Acquafredda

Updated: Sep 15, 2019

This girl is the definition of natural beauty ! Her sense of style is cute and flirty, which leaves her turning heads whenever she walks through the streets of New York. Check her out :)

How would you describe your personal style?

" My personal style is pretty girly and cute with a dash of sexy."

What are three words that describe yourself ?

" Three words that describe me are fun, athletic, and passionate "

What is some fashion advice that you would want to share with others ?

" Some fashion advice I’d give to others is wear what makes you feel confident and like you can conquer the world! Don’t conform to a style you see on Instagram or anything if it doesn’t express who you are and if you aren’t comfortable."

Who is your biggest fashion inspiration ?

" Honestly, I don’t have a fashion inspiration. I mean, I guess you can say google, instagram, and Pinterest, but I don’t have a single person I get inspiration from. if anything I combine what inspires me into one."

Where do you go shopping ?

" Lately I’ve been looking in primark, telco, and other discount clothing stores and some of my favorite pieces came from those stores."

In your opinion, what is a big fashion no no ?

" In my opinion, a big fashion no no is wearing clothes that make you lose your shape. Also if you put two bold colors/patterns together incorrectly it could look bad."

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Wanna see more from Vanessa ? Follow her @vanessaa_8900_


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