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10 Fall Pieces That Should Be In Your Closet

Hi Everyone ! First and foremost I'd like to apologize for my lengthy absence. Let's just say I've been going through the motions and trying to figure things out in my life, but I have not forgotten about you guys. Even when I'm away I am always coming up with content for you guys so get ready :). In this piece I'd like to share the must haves you should have in your closet for the fall .

Sweatsuit set (Hoodie and Sweat Pants). If you're in school you can easily throw this on for your zoom class and these can be super versatile ;) ! I feel like every retail store I go into has a matching sweat set , but I would suggest getting the most unique colors so you can style it to your liking and stand out from the crowd. If I'm feeling extra ( almost always ) I like to add chains on the bottoms to give it an extra edge. You can keep it simple and wear a pair of white Air Force ones or Jordans. The choice is yours !

Knee High Boots. I love me a good pair of knee high boots I always feel like a badass when I have on the perfect pair. You don't have to break the bank to get a good pair either. You can wear it over your denim, a midi dress or skirt. You can even wear it with an oversized tee shirt or sweater.

Blazers. Blazers are so popping. Most of my blazers I've gotten from the thrift store. If you get the right one it can help add the extra pop that your outfit needs and it is definitely a staple piece for fall.

Faux leather pants/skirts. I feel like leather is really that girl. She always makes a comeback for the fall/winter season. This season I feel like it made a huge comeback though. You can dress it up or style in a relaxed way with a t -shirt and sneakers.

Knit Sets. I love a good knit set you can really turn any set into a fashion statement and mix and match with other items you have in your closet as well. When you style this piece allow the set to be the center of attention and try wearing dainty accessories with it.

Puffer Winter Coats. Depending on where you are it may not be crazy cold, but honestly coats can elevate your entire look, PERIODT. A puffer coat can take the most simple outfit and turn it into something a little more appealing to look at in my opinion.

Sheer Mesh Tops. Sheer tops have made a huge come back this season. You would have to wear something under it so you don't expose too much, but you can style this with literally anything. I would style it with a solid color bralette underneath or wear a corset over it.

Corset Tops. I've gained a liking to this trend so much. I especially love the corset tops with the puffy sleeves which I think are a must have for the fall. You can wear with a straight leg jean or pair it with your favorite boyfriend jeans.

Teddy Jackets. Teddy jackets emerged last fall season and I still feel it has what it takes to stay in my closet for this season. It is super cute to put on over your favorite tee and jeans.

Bucket Hat. This is the last thing you need to put together your trendy look. Pair it with some denim jeans, cropped tee with or without sleeves , and your favorite pair of sneakers and you will have the perfect fall look. The bucket hat is the perfect streetwear accessory. Not only can it save your from a bad hair day, but you can wear it so your outfits can slay.

Okay you guys that is all for now ! If you happen to style yourself in any of these pieces after this post please lemme know :) As always thank you for reading and your continued support is appreciated , I love you all, always .

Until Next Time My Loves,

Twiggy Versatile xoxox

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