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Fashion Highlight of The Week: Regan Greenidge

Updated: Sep 15, 2019

My fashion highlight of the week is at the forefront of black girl magic. She is a genuine soul who is extremely creative. I had so much shooting with her and I hope you guys enjoy her just as much as I did :)

How would you describe your personal style ?

" I love being comfortable so anything loose fitting but flattering is always my go too. And I love to accessorize there’s usually at least one random part of my outfit that’ll stand out I guess I’d describe it as tomboyish but with a little extra something."

What are three words that describe you ?

" Three words to describe me...careful, inquisitive, and creative."

What is some fashion advice that you would want to share with others ?

" I’m not the most fashionable and I kinda just wear what I want when I want. Most times my outfit choices are based on how I feel or how I want to feel mentally and physically. So I guess I’d say do you. Be comfortable in who you are and what you wanna wear and make sure its you through and through regardless of what’s trending or ‘fashion forward’."

Who is your biggest fashion inspiration ?

" I love Teyana Taylor’s fashion sense. Probably because most times she’s wearing something oversized and out of the box."

Where do you go shopping ?

" Anywhere and everywhere. If I see it and I like it and it looks good on me I’ll buy it. I love a bargain first and foremost so I’m usually in forever21 and stores like it. I found a couple things at Zara that I love. Online boohoo is a fav because they always have sales. I really want to start thrifting though so I can get a couple ‘out there’ pieces."

In your opinion, what is a big fashion no no ?

" Wearing something you hate to please others. Never wear something that’s too tight or too this or that or anything that isn’t you. As long as you look in the mirror and think “this is too...” it’s a no go. Because you will be miserable for the entire time that you have it on."

Outfit Details

Wanne see more from Regan ? Follow her @ re_dolence


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