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Fashion Highlight Of The Week : Neco Miller

Updated: Sep 15, 2019

My fashion highlight of the week is a real stand up guy. He has a genuine spirit and he is a pretty cool guy to be around. Not only that, but he has recently ventured into the modeling world and I am extremely impressed with his work ethic. Make sure y'all show some love and read all about his personal style.

How would you describe your personal style ?

- " My personal style is slim jeans, a dark-colored shirt, and a pair sneakers. I like wearing slim jeans because I prefer to wear pants that fits me just right, not too baggy not too regular, just fitting perfectly right. Also, dark-colored shirts look good with my skin complexion, that’s why I usually wear dark clothes. And a pair of Jordan sneakers because jordans is my favorite brand. Overall, I wear those types of clothing because they are a reflection of my personality and how I express myself to the world."

What are three words that describe you ?

- " Three words that describe me are: confident, determined, and an anti-hero."

What is some fashion advice that you would want to share with others ?

- " If I was to give some fashion advice to someone, I would say that dress the way you want to dress and what makes you feel comfortable. Many people nowadays dress up in a certain way in order to impress others or because they’re worried about their self-image. So on that note, I would say that people shouldn’t worry about those things and dress in a way that he’s expresses who they are."

Who is your biggest fashion inspiration ?

- " To be honest I do not have one heh heh. I would say probably that s artist I listen to named Joey Badass because his style of fashion looks dope in my eyes."

Where do you go shopping ?

- " American Eagle, Zumiez, and Fashion Nova."

In your opinion, what is a big fashion no no ?

- " A big fashion no no in my opinion would be dressing in clothing that doesn’t match who someone is and being a copycat. Like c’mon, that’s not fun."

Outfit Details:

Wanna see more from Neco ? Follow him and keep up with his modeling journey @neco.m_model


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