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Fashion Highlight of The Week: Harry Sherman

Updated: Sep 15, 2019

My fashion highlight of the week goes to this super fly guy Harrison. He has a unique sense of style ! He also is the one behind the awesome designs for Lonely Universe ( more info in the post, keep reading) ! He’s truly extraordinary when it comes to details and versatility :)

1.) How would you describe your personal style?

“ Thicker than normal. Heavyweight clothing. Hide my skinny legs.I couldn’t really get out of the baggy fad of the 2000’s. Funny enough, I started to just get back into jeans/work pants!”

2.) What are three words that describe you ?

“ Male-vivacious, loudly-taciturn, headass

As you can tell, I’m very juxtaposed. But that all depends on the time and place.”

3.) What is some fashion advice that you would want to share with others ?

“ If you’re wearing brands, wear them. Make it prominent. You buy brands to show them off. This is especially ridiculous when clothing brands do the most to accommodate minimalist ideology! You don’t have to wear the same brand twice. Mix it up, you dont have to feel constricted and subject to the ambassador conformity like most models!”

4.) Who is your biggest fashion inspiration ?

“ Sean Wotherspoon (round two). Amin Adjmi (staycool). Gemma Shiel (lazy oaf). Mikey Alfred (IC). Andy Warhol (The one and only)

The commonality amongst these people are that they are more contemporary and have recently been formulated (Warhol not so much…) These people are in the same boat as I am… and it is a privilege to see them grow and flourish as I do the same.”

5.) Where do you go shopping ?

“ Flea markets and hand-me downs. I rarely buy clothes unless it’s my own.

This hasn’t changed. Most of my clothes are from when i was still in middle school (not having a growth spurt is a blessing on my pockets.)”

6.) In your opinion, what is a big fashion no no?

“ 2 different stripes. Too much color block.

My dad is color-blind, so he’ll usually ask me if his pants and shirt match. Goodness gravy, I’m glad you cannot see the combinations he picks out.There’s nothing really wrong with color block. Being Trinidadian has opened my eyes on hues and color vibrancy (...because of the jaunty color combinations seen in Carnavale).”

If you like the shirt it is one of the Lonely Universe designs ❤️ Check out more in their upcoming film that is in development ! Lonely Universe isn‘t just a clothing brand but it is a production company ( Lonely Universe Entertainment) as well ! Harrison isn’t the only mastermind that this company has to offer ! Make sure you guys follow @itsalonelyuniverse for updates and follow @mrkingofthecastle for more swag !

Follow the the link below to see the many clothing options and everything else they have to offer ! 💕


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