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Fashion Highlight Of The Week: Chandler Bishop

Updated: Sep 15, 2019

My Fashion Highlight exudes confidence like know other through her self-expression of fashion. She is a true doll with a lot of charm ! A black queen in her truest form *cue the halo music* . Let me not forget to mention she has a magnetic personality to match with her charming style as well. Learn all about her style and read everything she has to say about it :)

1.) How would you describe your personal style? 

" I would describe my personal style as comfortable with pops of color. Throughout the past few years I have expanded past my typical all – black wardrobe and I now love to play with different textures, patterns, and colors in unconventional ways. I am a hoarder of statement pieces, and I usually like to highlight one clothing item or feature and then coordinate the rest of my look to compliment it. I like for my clothes to grab attention, but not overwhelm so that I always look put together. One unique thing that I do is I like to do my makeup first, then put together an outfit. I’m a huge fan of playing with colorful eyeliner and eyeshadows as exemplified on my ig: @chandlerbishop, and by doing my makeup first I am forced to get creative with my look and make sure that everything is cohesive. "

2.) What are three words that describe you?

" Multifaceted, Enthusiastic, and Empathetic "

3.) What is some fashion advice that you would want to share with others?

" Learning color theory will make getting ready in the morning drastically easier, and you will create outfit combinations that you may never have thought about before that will look phenomenal. I always believe that you should dress for whatever occasion you are going to, but most importantly, dress for yourself. While we’re young we can get away with bold fashion statements that would be inappropriate as we age, so do it now! If you want pink hair, get pink hair and wear an all-black outfit with yellow socks so it really pops. Don’t ask why, ask why not?! Highlighting and accentuating your favorite features about yourself through your clothes and style is essential to self-expression and will even help you improve your confidence as time goes by.  "

4.) Who is your biggest fashion inspiration?

" This is so cliché, but Rihanna. She is fearless with her style and I love how every detail of her outfit matches seamlessly. In middle school, I used to match my nail polish to my outfits everyday like she did. Needless to say that plethora of free time ended when I got to high school, but I still am inspired by her looks and I like to think that our style is similar. Now that I am about to graduate college and begin “adulting” (eww) I see the importance of how style impacts your brand and the way that people perceive you. I love how Rihanna maintains her edginess in all settings, from corporate power suits to lavish designer parties. She always switches it up, but her looks always feel authentic to her. Also, we both know the importance of coordinating your makeup to your outfit, and I am so excited to see what she innovates with her Fenty lines. "

5.) Where do you go shopping?

" I love to shop at H&M, Pretty Little Thing, Forever 21(basic ik but they have gems sometimes!), TJ Maxx, Zara, Fashion Nova, Boohoo, Etsy, and various thrift stores and Instagram boutiques.  Also, don’t sleep on Amazon. I have found a lot of quality staple items at an affordable price and who doesn’t love two-day shipping?!"

6.) In your opinion, what is a big fashion no no?

" Lace; for some reason I hate it and always have. You will never catch me wearing anything with lace on it, ever. Without the proper styling, I think it looks very outdated. Those little faux silk shirts with the lace trim especially make my skin crawl because if the inseams are poorly made they will tear apart after one wash, and dangling strings is a big no no. With certain styles of clothing, it is better to cash out on quality, rather than a cheaper alternative that is poorly made."

Wanna see more from Chandler ? Follow her @chandlerbishop on Instagram for more :)



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