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Fashion Highlight of The Week Ayah Badawy

Updated: Sep 15, 2019

This Egyptian goddess will give you a run for your money. Her sense of style and humble personality is like a breath of fresh air. Read what she has to say and get inspired just like I did !

How would you describe your personal style?

" My personal style is definitely versatile. I never really stick with the trend; sometimes I take it back vintage or try something totally whacky. If I do wear something trendy I try to always find a loophole or something "extra" that makes it unique and "my style". I try to experiment with clothing not often worn: like a puffy sleeved shirt under a long spaghetti strap dress. These things may seem absurd as individual articles of clothing to be mixed together, but when you take the challenge and pull it off, sometimes I surprise myself how one shirt can be worn in so many different ways. I find it interesting to observe different fashion from around the world than stick to a local community's "what's fresh this week" picks and end up looking like everyone's clone."

What are three words that describe you?

" 1. Visionary 2. Open-minded 3. Eccentric"

" I definitely "see" things play out in my mind from start to end. When I'm passionate about a new book idea that I want to write out or something I care about, I can picture the first draft which then allows me to pull it apart and remodel until my inner perfectionist is satisfied. Also, being really laid back and nonjudgemental is also something I'm very grateful to have learned. Some people have the tendency to judge and tell others what they should do with their life. I would definitely not group myself into this kind of degrading mentality. I would rather accept people's versatile views and hear what they have to offer from their perspective. There is a voice for everyone and hearing these voices is one of the keys to a progressive and united society that allows us to see things on the same level. Finally, if you know me very well (and I mean WELL, well), my brain can sometimes venture out of this universe's laws or normality. And when that, or else you're up for a really weird conversation that might leave you missing a few brain cells."

What is some fashion advice that you would want to share with others?

" Don't be afraid to wear what you think expresses yourself rather than what you see scrolling down on Instagram's fashion inspiration page. Everyone has a unique sense of style and they should utilize it. Once you wear what you like you'll feel way more confident in the way you carry yourself as a whole. Personally, I used to be scared of not following the "fashion rules" until I began to question what these rules are even like. I found that I actually love taking the challenge of converting people to like my "weird" style--and most of the time it works. Why? Because what I wear gives me confidence and that will definitely reflect. It is way more comfortable to be YOU than trying to fit into what's popular on a model that might not necessarily suit your body or shackle your creativity."

Who is your biggest fashion inspiration?

" I have to give it up to GUCCI! Gucci is honestly one of my favorite tastes in fashion. With Gucci, I feel like their presented outfits actually tell a story, one that you need to understand in order to appreciate the clothing. Not only that, but you also get a sense of high society and classy vibes from its color palette (I love me some royal-themed looks!). A lot of people aren't comfortable with this style because of its eccentric look, but I just think that they don't really see nor understand the visual concept behind Gucci's clothing. I also have to hand it up to an honorable mention: Seoul Fashion Week (this takes place in South Korea). It is honestly my most look forward to fashion week. It inspires and excites me by how progressive another culture's street styles are, and surprises me all the time with incredible fashion fusions that you wouldn't dare to even think about mixing together! Fashion is more than a local style and it's important to be globally aware of how others dress. I believe the best fashion is one that infuses a story of culture, time, art, and thematics! "

Where do you go shopping?

" I go shopping mostly at Macy's, H&M, and Forever 21. They are fairly priced stores (with few exceptions), but I believe that the quality of the clothing is very important (and I'd recommend Macy's for this). Spending money on an item that is durable but also needed is always a great investment! When I usually shop I don't really have anything in mind specifically. I let what's attractive to my taste and style guide me over and then I start to piece outfits together later."

In your opinion, what is a big fashion no no?

" To be honest, if I were to say that such a thing like a "fashion no no" existed then fashion would have never reached the level it has reached today. I think the whole argument of whether fashion is great when you don't mix certain colors or shapes or articles of clothing is BS. In all honesty, what determines if one's style is a no no or not--that's dictating over free artistic choice? I believe the key to "good" fashion, however, is to understand what style you can pull off. It is not that there is a wrong way to dress but there is a way that will suit your proportions best!"

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