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Fashion Highlight of The Week: Ashlyn Doyle

Updated: Sep 15, 2019

I had the pleasure of interviewing this west side cutie and she is my fashion highlight of the week ! She is a California native and her fashion speaks for itself. Her personality is just as vibrant as she looks. Check her out :)

How would you describe your personal style ?

" I would describe my personal style as interchangeable. I like to buy pieces that have character and are individual in their own way and mix and match them with other items in my closet."

What are three words that describe you ?

" Three words that describe my personal style would be vintage, classic, and evolutionary."

What is some fashion advice that you would want to share with others ?

" Some fashion advice I’d like to share with others is that wear what you feel comfortable in and represents your personality. The clothes we wear are a representation of our personalities that we show to the world, so be comfortable and feel good."

Who is your biggest fashion inspiration ?

" My style icon would be Maria Bernad. She’s a freelance blogger who in my opinion just has the best style that is always evolving with each season."

Where do you go shopping ?

" I usually shop at vintage stores anywhere I’m at , even when im on vacations. I think you can just find the most unique pieces at vintage stores. If I’m not shopping at a vintage store then I’m at Uniqlo. They have the best basic pieces for every outfit."

In your opinion, what is a big fashion no no ?

" I think the biggest fashion “no no,” these days is obnoxious clunky sneakers no matter the color or brand. I think they are tacky and a trend that is not going to last long. I’ve never been a fan of them and i don’t think I ever will be."

Outfit Details :

Jacket: Old Navy

Shirt: Free People

Jeans: Levi Jeans

Shoes: Steve Madden

Wanna see more of from Ashlyn ? Follow her on Instagram @ashlyn_doyle


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