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Fashion Highlight Of The Week: Ashara Mitchell

Updated: Sep 15, 2019

She is shy, but don't be fooled because she is not one to mess with. Her style is simple, but true to her. Her simplicity is what defines her beauty the most. It was truly my pleasure getting to know more about her personal style. Check her out.

How would you describe your personal style ?

" Usually it's just a simple tee and jeans , but when I have to dress up, I'd say , I dress to feel good and to make a statement. Like damn, this B*** is hot !"

What are three words that describe your personal style .

" Funny, Attractive, and shy. "

What is some fashion advice that you would want to share with others ?

" Dress to impress yourself, then you'll know you look good. Sometimes you dress in what others think looks good, but you feel uncomfortable the entire time ! So if you dress to your body and can look at yourself and say that I'm that b**** then hunny, you that b**** !"

Who is your biggest fashion inspiration ?

" I'm not that big on fashion. I spend hours in Hollister just trying to pick one outfit, I can't really say I have a fashion inspiration because a lot of things inspire me! I just go with what works for my body type and personality ."

Where do you go shopping

" I love Hollister , that is my store. "

In your opinion, what is a big fashion no no ?

" A lot of things ! I would say it has to do with the person and their body type ! I have seen b****s make a big NO and make it look like a YES ! "

Outfit Details:

Shirt: Fashionova

Vest: Rainbow

Shoes: Timbaland

Jeans: American Eagle

Wanna see more from Ashara ? Follow her @ asharaaaaaaa


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