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Twiggy Eats: Dos Caminos

Hey Y’all ! Welcome to another post. This is my favorite series to do on my blog because who doesn’t love food ? I visited Dos Caminos, I found this place during one of my NYC adventure strolls and I wanted to see what it was all about. Here’s what I had to say :)

475 West Broadway at Houston Street New York, NY 10012

Dos Caminos is a Mexican restaurant and it has been said that they are the best in NYC for authentic Mexican food and Margaritas.

Here in NYC, we are now doing outdoor eating but with social distancing guidelines of course. Dos Caminos is located in Soho and they have a nice patio dining area for customers to enjoy their meals. I didn‘t make a reservation, so I had to wait a bit, but it was nothing crazy ! While you wait, you can put in a drink order to pass time.

I ordered a Mango Margarita and it was so good ! On their site they say they have the best Margaritas in NYC and I could see why. My drink was blended to perfection. However, I feel like I need to go back in order to prove that claim.

I thought the service was great ! I wish I got the waiters name, but he was so nice and funny. He made sure to check up on us frequently and anything we asked for he was right at our service.

We got Nachos with chicken. You have the options of adding another kind of meat.

I give the Nachos a 10/10 ! I’ve ordered nachos from other restaurants and sometimes I find that the cheese is all stuck and dry along with all the other ingredients, but not this place. It was so darn good ! The whole time I was eating it I was raving about it. The pictures don‘t do it justice. LOL my bf wanted to get another one, that is how amazing it is, but the kitchen had already closed. If you decide to go, you can order one and it will be enough for two people as a starter.

For the entree: I got a Quesadilla De Polla ( Quesadilla with Chicken) and French Fries on the side and my BF ordered a Fajita Combo with steak, chicken, and shrimp.

My Quesadilla was POPPING (10/10) ! I was kinda full from my nachos, but I wasn‘t letting up. LOL, it was so cheesy, just how I like it. I thought the French fries were pretty good too. The only reason why I ordered the fries was because I thought the Quesadilla was not going to be enough, but it was. I was so full after everything.

My Bf said his Fajita was good overall, I would occasionally steal a piece of his chicken because why not LOL. He definitely wants to go back, especially for those nachos!

Overall: If you plan on going to this place it is a little bit on the pricey side, but I think it is worth it if you want to treat yourself. The service was good, The drinks was even better, it’s a little soon to confirm that they do have the best Margaritas in NYC, but I’ll keep you guys posted on that. This is the perfect place to get together with friends or a date night. I highly recommend making reservations before so you don’t have to wait. This place is a hit and I will definitely be back. Check it out if you can and tell them Twiggy sent you :) They have three other locations : Time Square, Meatpacking District, and Park Avenue.

That is all for now ! Let me know where I should go for my next Twiggy Eats Segment. I love finding and trying new places.

Until Next Time My Loves,

Twiggy Versatile xoxox

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