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Things to Think About Before Becoming a Blogger/Influencer

Hi darlings ! “ Twiggy Versatile,” my brand, my blog, my baby, has made one year ! It is one of the most rewarding experiences connecting and sharing with you all . I am still learning and I don’t have it all figured out, but I have learned some valuable things about being a blogger/influencer that I wanted to share with you all. I took my time before I started this journey and trust me you are always going to be learning once you start. If you want to be a blogger/influencer, then keep reading . I will share some gems of advice for you to think about if you want to take on this journey on your own.

You will always have A LOT of work to do. It took me forever to start my blog because of the amount of work I had to do. You have to figure out your niche, mission, and what will make you different from the others. Not only that, but, you have to do photoshoots, get dressed up, work with brands, use your social media, edit videos and pictures, and more ! You may think this all sounds great if you already do that already. However, if you want to build your brand from the ground up, you have to think strategically about everything. The work is a lot and just be mindful that you are always learning and growing.

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Find your purpose. I think it is important to know what and why you are blogging in the first place. For instance, I am no where near where I want to be, but I know that I have a purpose and that is what is keeping me going. Figure out where you want blogging to take you. Having a set purpose throughout your journey will keep you going when it seems like it is hard or you feel lost.

Find your niche. I mentioned this already, but now I am going to elaborate. This is so important . Your niche is what you want to blog about and how you can make it unique to you. Take your time with this because you want to make sure that you are putting out content that you enjoy. Before I started, I wanted to figure out what I wanted to blog about and I knew I wanted to share my passion through fashion, beauty, and lifestyle content. As time went on, I have narrowed those topics to fit my life, me, and my audience. Now, my niche is diverse style content ( fashion highlights, creative photoshoots, styling with twiggy videos, etc). I’m learning with time that’s what my audience likes from me and over time, you will figure out what works for yours too.

Money takes a while. If you only want to be a blogger/influencer for the money then clearly your mindset is in the wrong place ! It is my first year blogging and I have made a very very small amount. Nevertheless, money will come eventually, but you can not be in it just for the money. You have to be passionate about it or you will quit before you see a dime. You will spend a lot of time working in this industry for FREE, before you see your first check. I am still working for free and that is okay. I get free product in exchange for an ig post all the time, but I know the money will come. All of it just takes a lot of dedication . To add, it helps if you do your own research on how others make money. Make sure you know how to make it a career and where the money comes from. I am so passionate about this and if you are truly passionate too, you will get paid, eventually.

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Having Good content is a MUST ! Quality over quantity my loves. Put out the best content you can. Your first few post will not be perfect, but eventually you will learn and get better. Make sure you are proud of the content you put out to the world to see. Be opened to growth. In reality, blogging and influencing is about growth ! People get bored so don’t get comfortable. Keep trying to elevate what you put out to the world. Trust me, your audience will take notice, and they will be proud. Not only will your audience be proud, but you will be proud too ! Always grow, get inspired, and never stop !!!

ALWAYS be yourself. Don’t lose sight of who you are. Be true to who you are and people will definitely thank you for it. It is hard in the beginning because you might want to compare yourself to others (I fall victim to this sometimes), but remember being yourself is the only thing no one can do better than you ! You will attract the right audience, if you just continue to be your authentic self.

If you haven’t started this journey yet then what are you waiting for ? There will never be a perfect time and nothing you do at first will be perfect. That is okay. My first posts suck so bad. But trust and believe that it will get better, I promise :)

Till Next Time,

Twiggy Versatile xoxox

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