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My Time At The Royalton St.Lucia

Hey y’all ! Welcome to another post ! If you follow me on the gram and you watch my stories you would know that I went to St. Lucia for a quick getaway. I’ve finally narrowed down my content and here is Part one 1 ! My sister and aunt hooked me up with a day pass at the Royalton Hotel and It was AMAZING. Here is how it all went down.


The Royalton is an all-inclusive hotel overlooking the beautiful Caribbean Sea, located in Gros Islet, St. Lucia. You get wifi all over the hotel ! There are eight bars around the hotel and seven different restaurants around the hotel including an Italian restaurant! I will say if you plan on going to this hotel some of the restaurants close and open at certain times so just be aware ! They have live entertainment throughout the day as well. There is always something to do here ! Boredom does not exist. They have outdoor and indoor pools, a spa ( my personal favorite ), a gym, and they even have a kiddie area for children to play in.

The Food

You will never go hungry at this place ! The food was Delicious. I’m still obsessed with the fact that literally everywhere I went in this hotel I was able to bring a drink with me lol but that is besides the point ! Here are some pics from the different spots I went to.

The Staff

The staff was so nice and welcoming ! This is no surprise though because Lucians are the nicest people !!! Everyone you pass by always says hello and jumps at the opportunity to serve you. They truly go above and beyond for their guests. Whenever I had a question about something I always received an answer without hesitation ! They did all this with a smile on their face :) . The staff does a good job making you feel right at home.

The Spa

I really wish I got more footage from the spa, but that is how you know I was really into it. Words can not do this place justice. My massage was A1 and I felt like a breath of fresh air when I was done. I fell asleep during my massage lol. When you’re done with the massage you can take a shower, hop in the hydro pool and just relax!

They even have a sauna room for you to relax in as well. They bring you a drink while you wait and of course I had a strawberry Margarita ! Always have extra cash to tip the Masseuse !!! Keep it classy.

Overall, Would I recommend ?!?

If you ever want to go to St. Lucia and you want to stay at a hotel, The Royalton needs to be in your top 2 ! I loved everything about it from the staff, to the food, and all the amenities. This place is ideal for any birthday celebration, honeymoon, or even a wedding anniversary. There was actually a wedding going on when I was there. Anyways, if you are staying on the island for a few days and you stay somewhere else try to get a day pass at The Royalton and you will have all access to the hotel. This place is a 10/10 across the board. I will be back for sure.

That is all for now folks ! Stay tuned for my next post where I’ll be sharing some go-to spots if you ever decide to take a trip to St. Lucia.

Till Next My Loves,

Twiggy Versatile xoxox

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