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It’s Time To Wake Up People: BLACK LIVES MATTER

Hey y’all ! This post is very different from what I usually post, but what is the point of having a platform if you are not going to speak on matters that matter the most ! I had to unfollow way too many people this week because of their ignorance to what African Americans are going through in this country. Seeing people use statements like “ All lives Matter “ when all lives are not being demonized ..... BLACK LIVES ARE. Black people in America can’t even live the way they want without having to look over their shoulders. If you are not a person of color this is something you do not have to worry about. WHITE PRIVILEGE is very real and you must acknowledge it ! If you don’t know how to show support, ASK. If you want to know more on the issue get educated ! I’ve curated some knowledge for not only non people of color, but also the people of color who seem to think that doing the bare minimum is going to grant them some kind of “ woke “ trophy. I just want to say you are SAD and I see right through you. If you feel a way about anything I’ve said thus far then you are apart of the problem. To my creatives reading this ( bloggers, influencers, photographers, content creatives, whom ever you may be, it is nothing for you to gather information and share with your audience because that is you taking action. USE YOUR PLATFORMS !!!

I write this with a heavy heart because it is not enough to just not be a racist anymore and hoping one day this could all go away. There has been consistent killing of BLACK people, INNOCENT black people for too long. Nothing seems to change and it’s been this way for years. It hurts even more when you actually see the wrong doing and the person(s) does not get the punishment that they deserve. Justice does not prevail as it should .... Now We have to DO and speak up ! Look at what is in front of us. See what is happening, speak, and take action.

Looking at what happened to George Floyd and so many others is heart breaking. It’s even more heart breaking because there is still people who haven’t even been caught on camera or the media just didn’t give it enough attention. Here is how you can start making some changes if you have not already....


  • It is important to address racism in your life no matter what. Suppose someone said a “ joke “ about POC that is sensitive Or one of your friends who is not a person of color uses the “ N “ word. Do you just let it play out ? If you are not a person of color do you understand your privilege ? And if so are you acknowledging it ? Are you watching your intake on Social Media ? Keep a diverse friend group and follow diverse accounts to stay inclusive


  • Race can be an uncomfortable topic but it’s an inevitable conversation. As I said before, educate yourself and don’t be afraid to ask questions. It’s better to know than to not know at all.


  • Take action people. Now you can do this in numerous ways. You can PEACEFULLY protest. Emphasis on the peace. Donate to organizations like the NAACP. You can even do something as simple as signing a petition. There is no excuse !

As mentioned, I did curate a bunch of links together so y’all can start taking action if you haven’t already. So again ... no excuses ! It’s time to wake up. PERIODT

Until Next Time My Loves,

Twiggy Versatile xoxoxo

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