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Being Natural : The Struggle is Real

Updated: Sep 15, 2019

The Journey

I have been “ consistently “ natural since I started my freshman year of college ! I got tired of wearing sew- ins in my hair and I decided I needed a change ! To be honest, I never thought I would look good with a fro . Every time I would bring up the idea of being fully natural to certain people they would say “ I don’t think it’s for you” or “ why they hell would you want to do that.” It was all these things that kept me from wearing my natural hair out throughout the years because of other people’s opinions. Now, I don’t care what people have to say ! I figured, " How the hell could I not look good in the hair that God blessed me with? " I decided to do a partial big chop my freshman year of college because I still had a lot of permed ends in my hair that needed to go . I proceeded to only wearing protective styling in my hair from that point on. It definitely is not the easiest having natural hair but it is liberating . My hair has grown soo much since then and there is still so much I have to learn . I have 4C nappy hair but I love my nappy hair. I’m not gonna lie It’s very hard for me to maintain it myself, but thank God for my good friend Ashara for being my stylist and helping me protect my crown ! She’ll soon have a hair page so look out for that. I sometimes go to the Natural Sisters Hair Salon out in Harlem as well when I desperately need a treatment ( I'll cover that on my blog as well very soon) . They do really great work with protective styling as well . I’m still tryna figure out what products work for my hair type to make it easier to manage though.

The shirt that I am rocking in this photo is from Shop Enigma Follow on IG @shopenigmallc

Products that I use

As of right now, I use the Mielle Organic products but I want to try other natural products that’ll help my curl pattern pop more ! I also use Cantu Leave - In Conditioner. If y’all have any suggestions on what products to use I am more than happy to hear about them because I need the help lol . Whenever I wear protective styles, which is very often, I make sure to oil my scalp every night and tie it up in a silk hair wrap.I Use castor oil , coconut oil , and I recently got into tea tree oil because my scalp can be very dry when I have the protective styling in my hair. I am still wanting to try other oils as well though. I also try to keep it clean by spraying my scalp with conditioner and water .

Protective styles

As for what protective styles I do I mainly wear crochet and box braids but I want to get into other styles, specifically wigs lol ! I think they are fun and it is a nice switch up, so that’ll be my next venture .

Box Braids are my go-to protective hairstyle, especially during the summer


I struggle with shrinkage 🥺if I ever blow out my hair to stretch it out a bit and I go outside for a little bit it shrinks, but no matter the weather it shrinks. Well, it is summer time now, but in New York it is a very humid summer so I'll be back with an update on that. I still have not found a solution to this, but I know I don’t want to keep adding heat to my hair to see the full length of my hair !

This is a photo of my hair shrinkage in its prime !

My Natural Hair Goals

Whenever I do wear my natural hair out I just wear it out but I want to learn how to do different styles to it as well ! My only thing with that is I have absolutely no patience to watch a YouTube video and learn or even do it because it’s soo time consuming. LOL it’s been too many times where I’ll be watching the video doing it with the YouTuber and then theirs come out perfect and then I look at myself and it looks no where near as good as theirs . I’m a work in progress though, it’ll happen. My biggest goal for my hair is to continue it's growth. I also want to maintain how healthy it is by not using heat. I sometimes use heat to stretch it out because shrinkage is real, but I know there are other ways to go about that so I’m willing to learn that .

Sidebar : if you are reading this right now and you have natural hair I wanna know about your natural hair journey what products you use and some of your struggles to . Dont be afraid to hit me up via email at

Until Next Time My Loves,

Twiggy Versatile xoxox

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